Date: 10th July 2019 at 10:44am
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Christian Erisken is preparing for the sorry walk back through the doors at Hotspur Way, because nobody was interested in his ‘come and get me plea’.

Eriksen until literally a season ago was held in high esteem by those who understand football. Which is to say he was as important to Tottenham as Michael Carrick and Luka Modric before him.

The fact that some fans never quite grasped how influential all three players have been for Spurs is not something I’ll be explaining here for the umpteenth time. However, it remains a crying shame that millennial fans exist.

Dele Alli’s contributions to the world currently at ‘finger tricks’ and some Air Miles for his barber, and yet he’s deemed a ‘world-class player’, while players such as our once great Dane Eriksen are viewed quizzically, because they don’t score enough goals.

I guess that Roman metonymic phrase about bread and circuses has to go down as the very definition of superficial appeasement.

Bread and circuses. You know, like shopping centres with food courts. Along with Fan, and Engagement.

Eriksen could yet be shifted, but it looks like a forlorn business. Forlorn may be the aptest adjective here. Christian is going to look pretty daft sloping back to Spurs after announcing he was interested in trying new pastures.

Should THFC get the 27-year-old to sign a new deal, it will feel unbearably loveless and practical, like a couple who’ve split up, but can’t afford to pay the other one to move out of the flat they bought together.