Date: 31st October 2018 at 10:58am
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Speculation over Mauricio Pochettino’s future is rife and thanks to the cuckoo manner in which Tottenham has been run, matters are likely to only get worse.

A source close to the club has confirmed to the Harry Hotspur blog that the possibility of Poch quitting next August are ‘very high’.

Just as the the news that Mauricio was deeply unhappy was all too sadly accurate, the media speculation is not borne out of some peculiar malice.

Real President Perez is currently prepared to wait until the summer, but that situation could change if their temporary manager Solari were to stumble.

The Spurs coaching staff were left reeling after realising they were the only club in Europe’s top 5 leagues not to buy a solitary player.

The source advised that, ‘As the days turned into weeks it became obvious nothing was going to happen. Everyone was just confused…’

As a result, Poch has been left in a truly unenviable position.

The Argy’s squad is comprised of players who are fatigued after international duty that have not been effectively rested, players that previously expressed a desire to leave – but were prevented from doing so by being prohibitively priced and players that are simply not of the required standard.

As a final comment, this blog was also advised to pay close attention to not just Mauricio himself in pressers etc, but to any further comment from Guillem Balagué who remains extremely involved in the situation.