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“Quick, Strong And A Bit Skilful” Inside Scoop On Gedson From Portugal
By Joe Fish -

I’ve never seen Gedson Fernandes play. Up until a week ago, I’d never heard of him. Most of us hadn’t.

I was envisaging some sort of Benson and Hedges situation from Mike Bassett, with Mourinho having written down ‘Fernandes – Portugal’ on a piece of paper, and Daniel Levy bringing back the wrong one.

“Where on the back of this fag packet does it say ‘Benson and Hedges’?”

Now all of a sudden, there are Gedson experts everywhere, thinking they have a true understanding of the player based on a few hours of Googling.

It is like nobody can form an original opinion these days.

But somebody who may actually have one on Gedson is Portuguese journalist Goncalo Lopes, who has been tracking the midfielder for years.

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Lopes told The Times: “He has great potential. He’s quick, strong and a bit skilful. He comes from a golden era from Benfica youth category. João Félix was always seen as the most talented of this generation, but then came Gedson.”

I will wait until I see the kid play until deciding to hype him up, or pigeonhole him as another Levy bargain gone wrong. But, for now, I trust this testimonial from Lopes more than I do a few graphs on Twitter.

And it gives me a little optimism, if only a little.

Sky Sports understands that the 21-year-old could be announced as a Spurs’ player later today. He will join on an initial 18-month loan, and we have an option to buy him permanently for £56m at the end of the 2020-21 season.

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