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Pundits in disagreement over Harry Kane, basically they have not got a clue
By Bruce Grove -

Harry Kane was always going to be the subject of speculation this summer and within 24 hours of the transfer window opening pundits are at it throwing out their “opinions” about the England captain’s future.

Let’s take two SkySports pundits, Paul Merson and Matthew Le Tissier. Merson said via Sky Sports that Man Utd will become title challengers if they sign Kane and he reckons they will get Kane if they put down a massive bid.

Le Tissier takes the opposite view as quoted by HITC and reckons that Kane is going nowhere and that he will probably be more interested in breaking Alan Shearers Premier League record and that if the 26-year-old really wanted to move he would have done so already.

Basically, neither of them have a clue and are just guessing and their opinions are no more valid than a guy in a pub.

That said, I like the pub and so here is my opinion and it is no more or less relevant than the chaps from Sky Sport.

If United came in with a £200 million offer then Daniel Levy would sell, that is who he is and he would be happy to take the abuse from the fans if he could realise that sort of money.

At the same time, I also reckon that Kane is content to stay, he has his roots locally, he is now a family man, he is centre of attention at Tottenham and the team is built to serve him.

So, my opinion is actually a mix of Le Tissier’s and Merson’s, and just like those two, it is pure guesswork.

Expect a lot of Kane gossip this summer, he will be one of the most speculated players in this transfer window but I will be sat here fairly confident that he will be our main man all next season.

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