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Pundits express surprise at two of Daniel Levy’s recent decisions that did not work out

By Mehdi Gokal -

Graeme Souness and Simon Jordan recently discussed Jose Mourinho’s tenure at Tottenham Hotspur, expressing surprise at his decision to join the club and scepticism about the partnership between Mourinho and chairman Daniel Levy.

Speaking alongside Simon Jordan on the latest episode of Simon & Souness, the duo highlighted Levy’s accomplishments in managing the club, such as the stadium development and financial stability.

However, they noted the lack of trophies and emphasised the importance of striking a balance in Levy’s strategy.

Their conversation delved into the dynamics between Levy and high-profile managers like Mourinho and Antonio Conte, suggesting potential mismatches in expectations and management styles. Jordan expressed his surprise over Levy appointing Mourinho and Conte, calling it “marriage made in hell”.

While acknowledging Levy as a smart operator, Jordan questioned whether Mourinho was the right fit for Tottenham, given the clash in personalities and spending philosophies. He also mentioned his concerns about Conte’s attitude during his tenure at the club.

Jordan added:

“I do. You can’t deny he’s a smart operator.

“You’ve got a £1.4 billion stadium sitting there that tells you he’s a smart operator. You’ve got a team that’s the most profitable team in world football and a club that’s made money every year since Daniel walked through the door, with a few notable exceptions.

“The problem is, he’s got an empty trophy cabinet and he’s got to get that balance right and he knows that.”

“Do I think he got the Mourinho he got was the right Mourinho? I find it difficult to understand the dynamic of Daniel’s relationship with Mourinho and Conte because these two guys are big personalities.”

“You bring them through the door, you must have told them something, or they’re —– and they’re misrepresenting what they were told at the time when it doesn’t suit them anymore.

“I was appalled by Conte’s attitude. With Mourinho, I didn’t think it was a fit that would work because Mourinho is about spending money.”

Mourinho’s time at Tottenham

During his brief tenure with the Lilywhites, Mourinho oversaw 86 games, securing 45 victories, 17 draws, and 24 defeats. Despite the relatively fewer number of matches, his points per game average stood at 1.77.

He also led them to the League Cup final but was surprisingly sacked just days before the final against Manchester City, which they went on to lose under interim manager Ryan Mason.

The sacking of Mourinho, a manager known for winning trophies, just days before the final is considered one of the most bizarre decisions made by Daniel Levy.


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