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Pundit says Spurs football is not an enjoyable watch but it is effective
By Bruce Grove -

Jose Mourinho was named the manager of Tottenham because they want to win trophies.

The Portuguese manager has won trophies in different countries over the years and he is clearly the right man for the job.

He has been at Spurs for just a year and he has already turned them into title contenders.

The Special One was backed heavily in the last transfer window as the club sought to help him win a trophy for them.

They have started this campaign well, sitting at the top of the Premier League table and also in the quarterfinals of the Carabao Cup.

As Tottenham swept Arsenal aside yesterday to remain at the top of the Premier League table, the Lilywhites showed no interest in anything else other than winning the match.

Jamie Redknapp admits that their football isn’t the best to watch at the moment, but it is effective and it is good enough to help them win titles.

‘They’ve got two special players, (Harry) Kane and (Heung-Min) Son, and that was the difference. (They are) so dangerous on the counter attack, so comfortable in their own skin,’ Redknapp said on Sky Sports Super Sunday via Mail Online.

‘It’s not an enjoyable watch, but they know what they’re doing. It reminds me of when Jose took over at Chelsea, he came in and made them believe what he was going to do was right.’

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11 months ago

The thing is a lot of people, especially those in the media and ex pros, like Tottenham to be like the Tottenham they’ve always known.

To go ‘against the brand’ seems like an affront to them, they have a certain relationship with the idea of the club and some ready prepared spiel.

They would rather Spurs behave like Spurs, look pretty, don’t upset the apple cart, make it easier for them to write the same articles and use the same cliches and not hurt whoever the media want to win the major honours.

Redknapp in particular you can tell is more comfortable being ‘Mr Ex Liverpool’ than ‘Mr Ex Spurs’ and he’s made that pretty obvious the last ten years. Spurs being competitive and winning stuff might make him more uncomfortable/confused as much as anything tbh. Should he be more proud of his time at the club? etc. Spurs winning all the time would put him on the spot more.

The privilege we have as fans is not having to feel the same way at all. You can embrace Spurs behaving differently and take things for exactly how they are.

11 months ago
Reply to  SpursGoliath

Totally agree.
People still banging on about ‘Spurs traditions’ & ‘the Spurs way,’ etc are also accepting of the ‘Spursy’ tag that’s dogged the club (& sadly, correctly) for 20+ years.
Said ‘traditions’ have meant winning, 3 FA Cups, 2 League Cups & 1 UEFA Cup in the last FORTY years! & NOTHING in 12 years, last FA Cup nearly THIRTY years ago!
That is NOT good enough for a club the size & stature of THFC.

Harry Hotspur
11 months ago

His wife left him

11 months ago

Beating Arsenal 2 nil with two superb goals is enjoyable any day of the week Jamie

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