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Pundit is convinced Harry Kane is unhappy about his new Tottenham role

By Bruce Grove -

Alan Hutton has expressed surprise that Harry Kane isn’t playing as Tottenham’s centre-forward this season.

The Englishman has struggled for goals in this campaign after he asked to leave the club in the last transfer window.

Some fans may feel he is underperforming because he didn’t get his desired move in the summer.

However, it has now been revealed that he is not exactly playing as a centre-forward as he always does.

Data from transfermarkt shows he played as an attacking midfielder on the left against Chelsea with Son Heung-min leading the line for Spurs.

This information did not impress former Spurs defender, Hutton and says defenders of the opposing teams would be happy because Kane will give them less trouble since he will likely drop deep to make passes.

He also believes that the Premier League Golden Boot holder will be unhappy to be playing out of position.

Hutton told Football Insider: “They’ve got a lot of work to do looking forward, especially the Kane situation. He didn’t look right or involved in the game the way he normally is.

“I think he’ll be frustrated in general. He’s not getting the opportunities, his teammates don’t seem to be feeding him at the moment.

“Every time I watch him he drops so deep. I don’t know why. I don’t know if he’s been asked to do that or he’s taking it on himself to do it but he’s so deep on the pitch.

“If I was a centre half, I’d be so happy. Go and play yourself in the middle of the pitch, away from me. You’re not going to hurt me from there.

“He’s kind of searching. He’s not getting the service into him so he’s searching to try find the ball and make something happen.

“Against Chelsea he was out on the left. I’ve no idea why but he does not want to play out there. I think in his performance you could tell that he wasn’t happy.”

Kane scored as Tottenham beat Wolves in the Carabao Cup yesterday and he will be looking to continue scoring against Arsenal on Sunday.

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del boy
del boy
10 months ago

its not unusual for a striker to play a deeper role in his declining years.these pundits get on my wick ,if kane was running about for 90 minutes with a beaming smile on his face,and laughing at everything ,then these 10 a penny pundits would be saying hes not taking the football seriously enough…there was a time when if kane came on ,or started there would be an air of expectation, i dont feel that now…time stops for no-one and kane is no exception.id be surprised if ANY team thought seriously about paying anywhere near 100 million for him..i doubt he was worth that at his peak..hes a good all round centre forward ,no more -no less..hes not and never has been what id call world class..that description is over used today.
he may well be unhappy, but his happiness/unhappiness is not wat its all about…i doubt spurs fans are exactly euphoric either.

Last edited 10 months ago by del boy
10 months ago

Kane has evolved as a footballer since his days as an out and out Number 9, but his role has coincided with Spurs flogging all the decent players. It is shambolic that he has to do the job of 3 players because the likes of Dele cannot offer anything meaningful in respect to an attacking threat.

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