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According to our manager, the world is our oyster. Mauricio Pochettino told PA Sport:


“We are the third or the second team in the Premier League with most possession, but today was a different game. It was a game where the ball was more in the air than on the grass. I think if you were here you realised it was a massive fight between both teams. We’ll see what happens on Wednesday. I’m sure it will be a completely different game than it was today.”


A completely different game barely begins to describe the gulf that exists between Barcelona who currently top the La Liga table, and a Tottenham side that frequently looks like it’s been pulled through a hedge backwards.



Possession stats are the bane of my life.

Spurs had the bulk of possession against Watford twice, Inter and Liverpool – in which we failed to win any of those games within 90 minutes.

Against Manchester United we had 36.75% of the ball and won 0-3.

It’s not how much of the ball you see, it is what you do with it when you have it that counts. 



Perhaps we’ll stuff Barca handsomely with key players missing.

That would be great.

In which case, the bookies appear to be offering free money on that game.



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