Date: 14th January 2019 at 1:58pm
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Forensic Onions made a point this morning that struck a chord.

I actually alluded to this a couple of weeks ago after the Bournemouth game, when we seemed to bang in five goals almost by accident.

This was the footballing ying to that yang. You could also say it was payback for the Utd away game when were were abysmal, but somehow came away with a 3-0 win.

Forensic Onions Analysis

To be honest, it was only reading the comments of Spurs fans bleating after the game that caused that bell to ring.

We weren’t robbed and we didn’t deserve to win.

When we beat Manchester United 3-0 earlier in the season – at Old Trafford – it didn’t make any sense. I tried to communicate this at the time, and as per usual, very few people were of a mind to even think about it.

Had anyone bothered to go through the stats of that game, you see two simple conclusions appear.

United were industrious, but not good enough, and Spurs managed to squeak a win a 0-3 win just by taking their chances.

Jose Mourinho was for once entitled too be quietly fuming, as his boys had created endless chances and failed miserably to convert a single one.

Whereas Poch watched his charges take 3 shots and each of them went in.

Revolucion t shirt
Expected goals v Manchester United

Spurs weren’t quite as virile against Ole’s mob as Jose’s mob were against us, but you get the drift.

Tottenham’s xG ration was 2.15 and United’s was 1. 22.

Spurs had TWICE as many shots on on goal (23) to United’s (12), but hitting the target counts for nothing.

Comparing the efforts of both sides, Spurs were lucky to get nil, and not get sued for Actual Bodily Harm by some frail old fan in the crowd.

And where would we be without the thick fans’ favourite, the possession stats.

What a shocker. We had more of the ball and managed to do less with it. For the 627th time in recent memory.

The overwhelming conclusion is that we weren’t sharp enough and, as per usual, had nothing either within the starting XI or on the bench to make any meaningful change.

Llorente should be playing for someone like Stoke and Lamela is doing a good impression of someone on loan from another side.