Date: 23rd August 2018 at 9:55am
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Harry Kane has been misjudged by many.

At the risk of shoehorning the damn phrase into every other blog, we’re back staring at our old foe cognitive dissonance once again.

Even the ‘one of our own’ chant has an element of ‘not like the others’ about it, something which Daniel Levy discovered to his cost to be a complete fallacy.

Harry may be aesthetically challenged (who amongst is not) but he’s not as green as he’s cabbage looking, as my dear old mother used to say.

Whilst some of you Dumb Dumbs were trying to kid yourselves he was somehow a poster boy for your own particular brand of madness, ie a lad that would work for Toffos and bus fare and never ever leave us because he was ‘one of our own’, the reality was that he wants market rate and trophies, just like all the others.

Where Kane becomes fascinating however, is that he understands leverage.

After all he’s been in the game since he was knee high to an Arsenal scout and he’ll have seen it all.

Football’s moral swamp is something he’s studiously avoided.

He earns his place in every line up and he works like a demon to ensure he’s picked again next time.

Absent are the banal fripperies of prayers, tattoo kissing and wandering about like an X Factor contestant telling people,’ you haven’t see the real me, I’ve got so much more to give, this is my journey’ cobblers.

To his credit he’s found woman he adores; he and his family are a couple you’d see mooching around Brent Cross, opposed to a a pimp with is main hooker throwing gangster shapes in some uber trendy west end pit.

Kane knows what the bottom line is – and he is utterly defocused upon delivering just that.

When asked if he had a good World Cup, he knew the truth and that was he didn’t score enough goals.

“We’re not young anymore. We’re getting to an age where we’re that bit more experienced and we want to win. We want to win at everything we do. We’ve just got to try to do that.”

The youth thing was a busted flush a while back, and Mauricio Pochettino is indeed in his 5th season at Spurs, his 9th season as manager.

9 seasons of winning nothing at all with anyone – oh forgive me – a Manager Of The Month thing twice – I think.

Poch is 46 and if he doesn’t win anything at Tottenham so what, he’ll have another 20 years to make amends someplace/s else.

Kane is 25 in his final 5 prime years – the dynamics are very different.

Will Kane stay forever, sating his appetite on hope that Levy changes and Poch can get one or two players in to make that vital difference?

I’m unconvinced.

I’d like him to, but that isn’t a coherent argument.

I also like ice-cream.

Pochettino has mumbled about silverware recently – but Argentine speaker with forked tongue.

This is the same fella that sagely mooted bravery, ‘need to be brave’, after the last game of last season.

Manacled to ENIC the chances of either men finding the joy at Spurs they came into football for are limited.

Pochettino – when cornered –  has a default lexicon of gibberish about ‘doing things differently’, which when exposed in the cold light of day translates to doing things either on the cheap or not all.

Building is an incredibly innocuous word, but every time I hear it or see it, I can feel an ulcer beginning to form.

Normal people have a tolerance level for excuses, but after a while, normal people eventually twig that they’re dealing with a time waster.

The pious grandees in our fanbase have taken a monstrous kicking of late.

The THST have finally realised they’re as relevant as a sundial, and this blog purged those of a similar delusional bent.

I keep getting told by the noisy handful of devotees – still floating about despite numerous flushes – that we ought to rejoice at the sight of Hotspur Way and kiss the retractable soil at the Unnamed Fire Risk Stadium.

I’m as moved by this as I am by those ‘Christ Is Coming’ posters outside churches.