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How Does Daniel Levy Keep A Straight Face When Discussing Spurs’ Net Spend?

By Harry Hotspur -
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In isolation, Daniel Levy’s comments are technically accurate and effectively true, however in context (which normal people apply liberally to all situations) the remarks specifically about transfers, are risible at best.

To provide that context, below is the business activity of Spurs over the last 5 years, which covers us for the period that Mauricio Pochettino was in the hot seat. And so when looking at cumulative spend, we gain a far more accurate picture of how a business operates.

Now what is rather helpful here, is that this graphic was from an article that made a compelling case for Liverpool being the divisions’ overachievers.

The truth is always nearby to a deceit and if we look at Levy’s statement he did sanction a number of purchases in the last window, but even then, was effective due diligence undertaken?

Ryan Sessegnon has struggled to make even 6 Premier League appearances. Tanguy Ndombele is “injured” again at time of writing. Jack Clarke is killing time unsuccessfully at Queens Park Rangers.

After some truly appalling negligence in respect of transfers over a concerted period of time, for a CEO to have the front to pass off one atypical and unsuccessful splurge as an investment of merit would be hilarious if I was describing another club.

Take a look at Liverpool, if you’re struggling. What this table tells you, in the context of being English and European Champions, is that they are well run club. No ifs, buts or yeah buts. English and European Champions by focusing entirely on their football team, and allowing nothing to obscure that focus.

Over to you, Daniel Levy.

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mikey hughes
mikey hughes
2 years ago

Levy is all smoke and mirrors, I wish he would disappear.

East Stand
East Stand
2 years ago

Great piece, yes typical Levy guff that he expects everyone to suck up and accept.

Prior to what we did in the summer (sign three players under 23) we didn’t sign anyone for a whole calendar year! Does he expect the fans to forget the previous four and a half years as if they never happened?

He’s clearly sussed that the figures suddenly look good over the last six months and being the opportunist he is has decided to make a rare press statement.

It took him almost three years to make a meaningful attempt to replace Dembele after he couldn’t play two games in three weeks and eventually got flogged to the Chinese. That player is Tanguy, and he can’t even get that right.

What an infuriating, micromanaging little f*cker he is…


ministers cat
ministers cat
2 years ago

15th of 20 clubs not bad

2 years ago

All he’s concerned about is public perception and that’s why PR and spin play such a large part in his operational presentations.Smoke and mirrors.He will continue to get mileage out of the COVID disruption too.

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