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Premier League Latest To Lose Patience With Levy?

By The Boy -

Daniel Levy’s ad hoc, mend and make do approach to business has got more backs up than an award winning osteopath.

The latest frustrated party are the Premier League who are baring the brunt of all the enquiries over where Tottenham are playing football this season from broadcasters, police and all the other people who operate around defined schedules.

The new stadium still looks miles off being ready for anything, the only step up in recent activity appears to have been a successful clampdown on sky diving and the leaking of videos and photographs from workers.

So far, some immediate games will be played at Wembley, another perhaps at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes.

Some Tottenham fans may still be brimming with tolerance but the rest of the world watches on, wondering if Mickey Mouse wears a Daniel Levy wristwatch.

The Daily Mail suggest this morning that if Spurs can’t get their act together soon then the indescicion could be solved for them. There is a genuine threat that the Premier League could order a whole second season to be played at Wembley

Were this to happen there’s a very good chance Daniel Levy could find Season Ticket cards bouncing off his little yellow hard hat as supporters get nasty.

To hell with the Terms and Conditions on the reverse of the tickets. People paid to watch games games at the new stadium, not Wembley.

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