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Premier League Clubs Briefed By FA: Gear Up For A Return To Full Training End Of May
By Harry Hotspur -

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos is an understatement, and here we understandably focus on Tottenham Hotspur and the carnage that the virus has inflicted upon the game; plus all of football’s stakeholders.

A source close to the club tells The Boy Hotspur that the Football Association are seeking to conclude the outstanding business of 92 domestic games at the earliest opportunity – which is hardly breaking news – however, the fact that the FA have now reached out to all the Premier League sides with the idea that full training at the end of May, certainly is.

As per this recent report, 47 of those Premier League 92 games have already had their broadcasting rights sold, so that would leave another 45 matches able to be used to offset some havoc wreaked by the suspension of the division. In theory, this would make for a uniquely historic flurry of games, most of which would have originally been 3 pm kick-offs; plus it is a racing certainty that these games would also be played behind closed doors.

Any number of issues might scupper the plan. One, the government might dismiss the suggestion out of hand. However, a more rational approach might be to consider that after a handful of top-flight players were initially announced as having succumbed to Coronavirus, it looks to be the case that the isolation of players has been successful.

If a robust enough strategy could be drawn up that clearly prioritized the health of everyone including the skeleton crews needed to deliver these games, then surely there is no good reason for the games not to happen? After all, the odds of successfully isolated players and club staff endangering anyone behind closed doors must be relatively remote.

The players have been briefed, and with no Euro 2020 tournament, there’s plenty of time for a recuperation period before the next season is due to commence.

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