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Postecoglou is genuinely on target for Tottenham, but will he be backed?

By The Boy -

Ange Postecoglou might have just done it, you know.

By ‘done it‘, of course, I must advise with caution that what I mean, of course, is that the Aussie has weathered a rather enormous storm of injuries, international absences, and if the truth is told, yet another round of Daniel Levy’s inevitable transfer window magic, whilst still maintaining a legitimate tilt at a top-four Premier League finish.

Quite how Daniel’s ambitions match those of actual football fans is anyone’s guess as football fans, like all sporting fans, are looking for entertainment and enjoyment that equals those which casino promotions provide, and the key to any sport is the results it delivers. After all, none of us are accountants, we’re sports fans. THFC is not about selling go-kart rides to tourists, it’s about winning silverware.

That said, a draw today, against Everton, doesn’t inspire much confidence, but it is vital to retain some perspective as wounded animals are notoriously dangerous creatures. Merseyside’s second side after two losses has now drawn three on the bounce in their last six games.

Where does this leave Ange Postecoglou? I would suggest that the Aussie’s position remains largely unchanged. With Aston Villa having trounced Sheffield United this evening, Tottenham Hotspur have dropped out of Daniel Levy‘s prestigious top-four slot into fifth.

Yes, many of our players have come back from the physio room, however, there are such things as match fitness and re-establishing fluidity to be factored into consideration. The characters that essentially sent out the message that Ange Ball had arrived in N17 have yet to fully acclimatize themselves.

James Maddison, for me, epitomised the fast-paced, give-and-go, front-foot style of Postecoglou, yet perhaps understandably are not quite seeing the former Leicester City man’s fabulous form for Spurs. It was clear, before today’s game, that he expected one of his star players to want to pitch in.

When asked if the former Leicester City man would be able to start at Goodison Park, less than 72 hours after the clash against Bees, Postecoglou told the press, “He’s a professional footballer, mate. I hope so because if we’re going to be playing in Europe unless he wants to pick and choose which games to play, I’d suggest that Madders will be right for tomorrow.” This tone may well reveal the struggle between what Ange wants to do, versus that which he isn’t able to.

Any coach needs his best players available, but any Spurs gaffer needs not just this basic requirement, but the right players recruited! Will Daniel let Ange do it?

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