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Portuguese Ace With £102M Release Clause Scheduled To Meet Levy Leaving West Ham Confused
By Harry Hotspur -

Fear not friends, April 1st is still three months away, and this Tottenham transfer deal looks to have a very firm basis in reality!

Benfica boy Fernandes does have a gigantic release clause, however if he comes to Haringey then it will be on the basis of an 18-month loan.

The Daily Mail recently spoke to this season’s West Ham manager, David Moyes who had been trying to sign Gedson Fernandes for the Irons: “…he’s a young player for the future, and he has a good pedigree”.

According to Hammers News, an allegedly leading source close to the club believes that the East End side were merely part of a football agent’s strategy.

Instagram via Daily Star

One can sympathize with West Ham fans being left confused, only days ago, Gedson posted and “Irons” emoji on his Instagram account.

So what of the 20-year-old’s behemoth release clause?

Well, Sky Sports in a previous report (when the boy was then linked with a move to Chelsea), believed that a deal had been drafted whereby if the boy played in at least 50% of games during his loan, then the sale price would be £55million.

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8 responses to “Portuguese Ace With £102M Release Clause Scheduled To Meet Levy Leaving West Ham Confused”

  1. James McKevitt says:

    Everything being done on tick now. Well at least it’s another body. Another one for the future, would be great to have a few players for the here and now. Sort of like, players who are not injured, players who are fit and not overweight, players who don’t have trouble fielding because of psychological problems.

  2. VincentianMagic says:

    A decent player and sensible to take on loan in the first instance. Jan window is notoriously difficult, but the club have put themselves in this position with their lack of initiative over the last 2-3 windows.

    Ideally a quality CB, RB, DM, AM and CF arerequired before the start of next season. If we can get a couple in now, move a few on and get the team playing more consistently, then that should lay the platform. If we miss CL then so be it – at present we are not good enough, but mich of this seems to be the philosophy of the club which has permeated down to the players. It would be good if we could make at least one statement signing to show the players and fans that we mean business. I’m not convinced this will happen under Levy’s watch though.

    As for incomings – Piatek is a bit like Soldado in that he is a box player and not a lot more. Personally, I prefer somone like Ings who is hard working, makes intelligent runs all over the park and can score a variety of goals.

    I also like the RB Doherty at Wolves. Very progressive and offers plenty of assists and goals over the course of a season for a defender. For CB options, Dunk, Lascalles and Mings are all decent and PL proven.

    CM is difficult but McGinn is a good box to box type (but is now injured). I think Grealish would be a suitable Eriksen replacement but AV will hold on until at least the end of the season.

    In an ideal world we would bring in the boy Soumare as the DM, someone like Ziyech would be a good AM option, and Bale/Zaha as a wild card option. Diop or Boly would be decent CBs, as would Koubily of Napoli. All pipe dreams of course 🙂

    • VincentianMagic says:

      Oh, and I’d definitely make my number one priority to get shot of Erik. He has been a great player but the last 6-12 months have been pretty shocking IMO. He was always a luxury player – I’ve never seen a weaker tackler in the game, but he simply isn’t playing well enough to warrant a place in the squad.

      Move him out along with Wanyama, Rose, Dier and Verts.

      • VincentianMagic says:

        …and finally, give the boy Japhet a run of games. It was obvious to anyone who has seen him in the reserves/pre-season that he’s a good-un.

        try not to put too much pressure on him, but if Jose wants to play 3 CBs then he is tailor made for that system IMO. The formation also brings out the best in Sanchez.

      • James McKevitt says:

        Agreed, but who in their right mind would take a banged up Wanyama, and three others whose best days are behind them?

    • James McKevitt says:

      That sort of sounds like a list of players a proper football club would have.

  3. Tappaspur says:

    He can play. Seen more meat on an anorexic Somalian with a “habit. Bulk up boy😂

  4. Spurs est1882 says:

    They are confused…I am confused! This is the type of player to actually get excited about. 18month loan is basically buying him anyway but with options to pull out. This type of player has potential to put us back in contention for the CL spots. Need a lot more before we are a force, but the way the league is shaping top 4 is a real possibility with one good central midfielder.