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Poch’s £100M Summer Budget
By Harry Hotspur -

It’s second time lucky for the Telegraph‘s Matt Law, who last summer lifted bad ITK from Spurs Community and told us that Levy was going to sanction a £150million splurge on players. Keen eyed readers will recall that not a penny piece was spent.

Mr Law is now giving us a diluted version of the same tale. This time there’s £100million ‘blow out on the cards’.

Er… that’s £64million.

So… Christian Eriksen’s replacement is going to cost a mere £36million?

Well I guess that’s quite extravagant compared to the money to the money that appears to be put aside to replace Moussa Dembele – which is zero.

By my reckoning the club need to drop £200million just to stand still – just to make the squad whole again.

If Eriksen and Alderweireld split – on top of Dembele – hesitantly applying £100million to the wound – isn’t going to be enough.

As a footnote, can we PLEASE stop being fed this dreadful line about Levy ‘assuring us’ that the stadium debt won’t effect transfer spending.

Right now, a nuclear war wouldn’t effect our spending.

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9 responses to “Poch’s £100M Summer Budget”

  1. Eddie says:

    We’ve read these statements before and knowing Levy you can bet that the 100M will include the money from selling Toby.If Eriksen goes too I can see that money being siphoned off to service some of the debt(which won’t impact transfers of course).
    For the players mentioned other clubs are also interested so who do you think the selling club would prefer to do business with?A club which appreciates the way the market has moved on and bids accordingly or a cheapskate who lives in a castle,with built in shopping mall,but won’t pay his staff.I know who my money would be on.Levy has made a rod for his,and our back.With all the to money sloshing around from tv other clubs don’t have to do business with Mr.Byright.
    We’ve seen how his mind works by quoting 130M for Eriksen who has one year left on his contract.Madrid are quoted as saying they are prepared to wait a year to get him for nothing.Great business fuckwit.
    The interesting question is what will Poch do if as is likely Levy reneges on his promise of funds.Nobody would blame him for walking.He would still have his suitors.

  2. JimmyGrievance says:

    For those in the flat earth society the new destination marks an era of success in and off the field.

    Trophy cabinet will be full to bursting

    Worlds best players queuing up to play for us

    It’s all there seemingly ….. If you take hallucinogenic drugs and squint your eyes it is ….

    Nowt as gullible as a Spurs fan it seems …
    Word is this is a plaque in Levy and Lewis’ office

  3. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Linked to more Ligue 1 blue sticker ailse tosh. Definition of madness…..

  4. Daveyboi says:

    I was hoping the Stadium would affect the Transfer budget in all honesty , silly me thought it was built so we could actually compete……