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Pochettino’s Qatar Speech Provokes Nasty Backlash From Many Upset Fans
By Harry Hotspur -

Mauricio Pochettino appears to have contracted a bad dose of the infamous THFC public relations touch.

Leaving London’s angsts behind and enjoying a spot of sunshine in foreign climes was probably just what the doctor ordered, however, attending the Aspire Academy junket in Qatar appears to be a huge mistake.

Pochettino’s gushing enthusiasm somewhat flies in the face of reality. German broadcaster WDR revealed endless abominations surrounding football stadia builds in Qatar.

Criticisms over several years now have emanated from unions and human rights groups, including Amnesty International. The concerns include numerous confirmed deaths of workers and the concerns are legitimate.

If you use Twitter, then it may be of use, to search for the hashtag #BoycottQatar, if you are looking for an insight into the numerous charges against the Qataris and other associates.

PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi was accused earlier this year of “active corruption”. The chief executive of beIN Sports, Yousef al-Obaidly, was also up on a charge of “passive corruption” (no laughing at the back please, this is an actual thing).

Pochettino seriously needs to give his head a wobble. This is not good. This is the opposite of good.

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15 responses to “Pochettino’s Qatar Speech Provokes Nasty Backlash From Many Upset Fans”

  1. Tappaspur says:

    He may have thought (coz of his English) it was a inspire course.

  2. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Talksport advocating a hot line to report inappropriate behavior at football. Fans policing other fans and getting them banned.

    North Korea is here.

  3. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    …..and that Asian cup wasn’t fixed now was it?


  4. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Check out the Aspire logo. Bonza!
    Similar things happened before Brazil and Russia. Myra works for the dark now. Anything for a dollar.

  5. Dan says:

    Richard keys ….. what a stupid prick

  6. Tappaspur says:

    The yanks came to our place and were in awe of the welding😀

  7. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    Christ on a bike he’s clearly not thinking properly. That 7 – 2 mauling has done more damage than I first thought. He needs to head back to Murphy and spend a few days on the family farm.

  8. Spurs est1882 says:

    I honestly think all levels of integrity have gone from football – he got paid a truck load of money to make that speech – I would guess he had free flights and hotel too. He has no interest on how the Qatar dream got there as long as he got his pockets lined. That is football – if they wish to prove otherwise then PLAYERS managers and countries should boycott the tournament…they wont.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Was either that or £100 a barrel😁

    • Gabriel Trueman says:

      Frustration come home poch and taser the team we are one of the best even with the results. Every team has a lean spell look at man utd ,arsenal chelsea ,all got more money put into them than we did. Yes it is disappointing but poch is the man who will turn this around again but the players need to wise up and start playing son is the only one trying join him and were back .always a spurs man always will be.

      • Spurs est1882 says:

        Eh? Think you will find results actually dictate who is the best… Didn’t understand rest of post.

        • Gabriel Trueman says:

          I was talking about our present situation footballers get their head turned by money and other incentives. Poch is the manager yes the results have been bad ,but I believe he will fight to sort the problem out.i am old enough to know other times in my life when spurs were getting thrashed by premier teams .this team with determination, dedication and discipline can and will turn this season round .

  9. Tappaspur says:

    Our cockerel has its wings over its eyes. “Cockerel doodle doooooo-do😁