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Poch Sets Levy Up For The Fall

By The Boy -

My opinion on Pochettino fluctuates wildly from wanting beat him about the head with a rolled up newspaper whilst shouting ‘PATSY!’ – to wanting to construct a small shrine our box room to honour him.

Either way it’s all good, football should move you like that. Poch told The Guardian:


“First of all we need to finish the stadium and build the trophy cabinet,” the 46-year-old said. “And when all is ready and settled is the moment to say ‘we can win now’.

“At [that] moment it will show we are a big team, with big facilities and a venue that is one of the best. There will not be an excuse afterwards. It is no use having a massive house but being unable to put furniture inside. Or if I have a cow and no grass.”



Now, I fundamentally take issue with this ‘build it and trophies will come’ malarky.

It’s difficult to imagine a dafter approach.

You don’t sink your rent money into scratch-cards because that’s how you’re planning to fund your around the world cruise.



For every devout Spurs fan visualising themselves in the Soul Harvesting Device cheering as a big shiny trophy is paraded, there are hundreds of mentally balanced people wondering what happens if the trophies don’t come, the revenue streams stagnate and THFC is left in a cycle of debt servicing.

The ‘do a Leeds’ sketch is coming back to haunt us at some pace. 

At least when you’re blowing money on signings left right and centre, you always have the option to stop.

Once you’ve hocked the club up to the eyeballs with the banks, you only have one route out of the financial purgatory.



Sides that doesn’t win anything plateaux into a self defeating cycle whereby they look to cannily earn as much as they are able in order to either stand still or make modest advances.

This is going to be close to impossible with a colossal (still to be fully declared) debt that needs servicing.


The good news is that football money isn’t going to collapse anytime soon and the future hints at the Netflix Cup and The Amazon Prime Premier League. 

However, this insurance blanket will benefit all and we’ve already seen how busy our ‘SME’ sized rivals have become as their revenues have improved over the last few seasons.



Anyway, if anyone needs me I will be in the garden laying tarmac over the lawn.

This is how one builds an international airport airport, isn’t it?


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