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Poch Presser More About His Weird Delivery Than The Actual Message

By The Boy -

It was evident from Pochettino’s whole demeanour, complete with his ‘you can no hear me?’ nonsense with the microphone, that the gaffer was expecting to be quizzed over the bizarre descision to drop Toby and Tripps.

Tripper had a particularly poor game against Liverpool, so no concerns there. Alderweireld though was superb, and so this particular ‘technical decision’ is at face value anyway, a strange one.

Toby has been one of our best players in this campaign to date and if any of our back line was due ‘a rest’ then the haphazard Danny Rose was a far more obvious choice.

There’s little point in launching oneself headfirst down the same rabbit hole Mauricio was hell bent upon occupying yesterday. Having watched his presser in full I’ve simply decided to wait and analyse the game, this will deliver the truth, whatever that might be.

This was much more about Poch’s delivery than the actual news he brought us, which is at best self indulgent.

Inter are currently 15th in Serie A, and so the game is more evenly tied in terms of general form than perhaps some might imagine.

After two Premier League defeats on the bounce, Spurs could certainly do with a boost, however Europe is a perculiar place to go in search of one.

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