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Poch On Spurs’ Beckham & Troy Parrott’s Future
By Harry Hotspur -

Interesting stuff from Mauricio Pochettino in this pre match presser (yes, it’s the same video as last time round) with the gaffer providing some insight into a couple of situations.

Firstly, with Troy Parrott, someone in the audience made the perfectly accurate point that the boy didn’t look out of place against Juventus, and went on to ask if there was an opening for Troy in the Premier League, even though he was just 17-years-old.

Poch said that if the squad personnel remained as it was currently, then there was an opportunity for the lad.

Now this is great news for Troy, but this further suggests that Erik Lamela is firmly regarded as being as useful as that extra washer you are left with after assembling an Ikea wardrobe.

Also, the comment suggests that Lo Celso at least in not quite over the line yet (Christ spare us another headline advising of this non-update).

Whenever Sonny’s name is mentioned there is warmth and Poch likened the Korean’s popularity in Asia as being on a par with David Beckham.

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