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Poch Loses The Dressing Room: “The esprit de corps isn’t there any more”
By Harry Hotspur -

When a football manager tells you the next transfer window holds answers, and you’re only a handful of games along from the close of the last window, you know you’re officially in trouble.

Again, I must plead the case for a mire nuanced approach than sacking Pochettino.

Whilst the man irritates the bejesus out of me pretty much constantly, the list of people who do not, is a short one.

Predictable fayre on Social media with the overwhelming bulk of commentators missing the point.

Next permanent Spurs manager

Anyone who believes there to be a single name on the above list that could fix what’s wrong at Spurs – didn’t understand the question.

A source close to the club told the Harry Hotspur blog recently that Poch felt he was drifting.

Mauricio has already hinted at behind the scenes problems, announcing that the team had never been so unsettled.

Now the source close to Spurs claims that Poch has lost the dressing room. “The esprit de corps isn’t there any more – banter has been replaced by talk about futures outside Tottenham”.

Too many key players haven’t been looked after with the appropriate contract extensions.

I take a view that Tottenham pretty much set themselves up for a fall on the back of a business model that has distinctly prioritized the commercial side of the business over the actual football side.

Pochettino needs some serious help to take the club past the train wreck that was the Champions League final loss.

Will this help arrive in January? Maybe a little will, but certainly not enough.

Add to which, none of this current squad is getting any younger – and we have a situation where the momentum has definitely dissipated.

Hold on tight, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

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