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“Poch is here to stay” Graham Roberts Fires Vitriolic Message At Spurs Fans
By Harry Hotspur -

There was time on match-days when you could spot Graham Roberts signing photos, on a trellis table on the High Road with Micky Hazard. They were positioned just down the way enough not to get moved on for fly-pitching by stewards, or the police.

These days, both former players both work for the club in an ambassadorial capacity.

As a result, both men are now vehement supporters of every aspect of the ENIC regime, and you will struggle see any dissent getting past them on social media. Lots of ‘get behind the team’ type bravado.

The last few months have seen Spurs go from being and entertaining, and dare one say, a ‘competitive side’ to one clearly in paralysis.

The heat beneath the rumours that Mauricio Pochettino might be replaced has felt as if it was being gently turned up a notch after virtually every game.

In the last 48 hours, bookmakers significantly shortened the price of Poch being sacked, sparking fresh speculation.

A price moving from @7/1 to @7/4 sounds alarming, but this is a very small market and one that might be influenced by as little as £100 being wagered.

Mr Roberts angrily waded into the debate (as he is wont) and refuted both talk of Poch leaving his post, or talk of the ever looming Jose Mourinho replacing the Argentine as the Tottenham gaffer.

Opinion: “Poch is here to stay” won’t chime well with those fans who are frankly a bit tired of watching the stale football, and hearing the same press conferences week in week out, as Spurs ghost about in mid table mediocrity.

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14 responses to ““Poch is here to stay” Graham Roberts Fires Vitriolic Message At Spurs Fans”

  1. Limerick AL. says:

    One ENIC FC Shill talking up another ENIC FC Shill .

  2. Eddie says:

    Interesting to see Winks in a more free role tonight with Rice holding I am assuming.The line up appears to show Sterling playing through the middle.

    • East Stand says:

      Not sure he’s right for the very deep role, think he needs someone behind him. Reckon he and Tanguy will carry the ball and Gio will be in Eriksen’s role and another holding player could come in. Sissy becomes a rotation player…

  3. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Is there a difference between poch leaving (walking himself, being bought out by another club), or him getting sacked by levy? The odds here are him being fired? I don’t bet, but poch is more likely to go himself under mutual agreement with levy, rather than get sacked. Moneys

    • Eddie says:

      Whichever way he goes he will be well compensated.

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        For sure mate.. Those 7-4 odds i guess covers both. Sacking or walking… I hope he stays and i hope hes backed, but i have no faith that enic will do that.. I cant see any top manager like ancelotti or mourinho taking over they only go to big clubs. Spurs is a risk to any top manager with a consistent winning resume. A mediocris manager like eddie howe will be about right, we are basically a mediocre club.. How we have not won anything decent with the likes of kane bale modric vander vaart in our ranks over the years absolutely begs belief

  4. Eddie says:

    As has been pointed out by myself and others on this site,the task facing him if he stays is just about unachievable.If you factor in the three out of contract in the summer,the players he wants gone and the necessary upgrades on the ones left that is a project that Levy will never finance to the required level.
    For me Poch must realise that and now finds himself between a rock and a hard place,because the next project is equally unattainable.He wouldn’t want to be here for another five years with nothing to show for it and an equally unflattering cv.The idea of Mourinho is fanciful at best as he would know he wouldn’t be backed to his satisfaction.
    Ten Hag is a good manager I am sure,but he couldn’t match the expectations when he went to Bayern Munich.I feel Levy would have similar patience or even less.The advantage with him could be his ability to identify good youngsters that wouldn’t dent Levy’s wallet too much.Perhaps he is a candidate.

  5. Spurs est1882 says:

    No objection to him staying if he can turn it around and then gets backed to push on… Sadly what in the past 5yrs suggests Poch has a plan B and what in past 20 suggests ENIC will back him. Chance of replacement being Jose is slim (at least I hope it’s slim) as he will want at least double what Poch would want for transfers and won’t be quiet about it. If Poch does go I want dude from Ajax, more I think about it the more I want him.

  6. Tappaspur says:

    🎼won’t you let me staaaaaay ay ay.. wonder what happened to Terrance Trent o darby

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