Date: 7th November 2018 at 10:20am
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There is a wonderful scene in the first episode of Fawlty Towers (A Touch Of Class), where Basil agrees to cash cheque for Lord Melbury.

Unbeknown to Basil, Melbury is fraud, but even before he discovers the truth the size of the cheque is eye watering.

What was ‘an honour’ for the hotelier to facilitate, is now close to giving him a heart attack.

‘Oh, I’m so happy!’ says Fawlty, staving off the frenzied urge to weep.

Pochettino told the BBC “If we can beat Inter then we will both have seven points,” said the Argentine. “Then in one game anything can happen. We will go to Barcelona [for the final group match] to try to win the game. The belief is still there. I am so optimistic.”

Surely Mauricio doesn’t genuinely believe that progressing further in Europe with this squad is going to achieve anything beyond a few gate receipts and some TV money?

A half full Wembley in a competition we’re clearly not good enough to compete in isn’t going to shave much off the HSBC debt, is it?

Spurs have to win both their remaining Champions League fixtures and that’s before they step purposefully on the rake head that is the Europa League.

PSV failed to win even 1 of their last CL games – is that really springboard to glory?



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And surely Jesus Perez as Manuel (from Barcelona)?


The Golden Cockerel that will sit on our new stadium/cunthole is a bleeding REPLICA?

Where is the facking original? Baldy better not have it.

Only me.
Only me.

the original is going to go in the museum, out of the weather and kept safe. The replica is bigger I believe and is an exact scale replica including the dent. This is not new news. personally, upset its not the original, but I think the reasons are legitimate.

Aussie in Switzerland
Aussie in Switzerland

Yeah, the original was way too small fornthe new joint

Billy the yid
Billy the yid

That vermin has stolen all the money for his cronies. If they really gave a shit about spurs they should have increased the capa9of whl, 50-55 would have been fine and well within our means financially, and could have resulted in serious investment into players. But then again a block of flats or a hotel worth more than a player I suppose. Enic out


This is what Spurs are heading for, if not already doing:

“Despite having an owner worth an estimated £6.5 billion, the self-financing model at the club will continue.

“We have a self-sustaining business model at this club,” said new managing director Vinai Venkatesham in October.

“That means all the investments we make on the pitch are funded by the revenues we generate off the pitch.

“And we’re really confident we can be successful with this model. The ambition we have for this club is completely possible to be achieved in the business model that we’ve got.”

In recent estimates made by the Arsenal Supporters Trust, the club is forecast to have around £40 million available to spend next summer – the sort of cash that Manchester City have no problem splashing out on one squad player.

The AST believe Arsenal are heading for a £70m loss for the 2018/19 season (before any player sales) mainly down to the lack of Champions League football and a wage bill that is running at unprecedented levels.

Only me.
Only me.

I think this model is a good one, but Arsenal are not the best example. They based all their business on CL football, I don’t believe we have. Comparing yourselves to City spend is dangerous. I think the wheels will come off that wagon very soon. UEFA listen to money, and as much as an oil rich Saudi can bribe them, they know Barca and Real are their real gold stars. So City will either get torn down a peg or two, or real/Barca will start to do the same and the Super League will be inevitable…and we are not invited so will need a self sustaining model. The wealth of an owner should not replicate on the pitch…however, my issue here with Enic/joe Lewis/Levy is we seem to be making LOTS off the pitch but yet having a NET positive transfer policy, so where is the rest of the money going? I don’t believe its the stadium else it would have been paid for by now we have spent (on transfer in vs out) negative £9.7m (so profit) over the past 11yrs, yet last year alone saw £58m In profit! so where has the money been going? Lets assume we saw an annual profit of about that every year for 11yrs, there is a £600m shortfall of cash somewhere.

Only me.
Only me.

I think best we can honestly hope for here is beating Inter 2-0, PSV/Inter draw and we draw with Barca. Or Barca down tools knowing a win does nothing for them, but I am not sure facing a Barca B team trying to show their talents is better for us than an A team on half throttle. All this still rests on Inter imploding.