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Poch Gently Nudges His Players Under The Bus
By Harry Hotspur -

The Mirror is carrying Pochettino quotes that don’t sit well with me. What do you think?

“The feeling at the end, when we conceded the three goals, it was like the team was tired and gave up a little bit,”

“Maybe that showed a little bit our frustration in the game because up until 83 minutes the team were alive, we were fighting, trying to create chances to score a third goal, and we were still in the game. But they were very clinical.”

The only line in there that is vaguely honest, is the part about the Germans being very cynical. Mind you, even very cynical is an understatement. Bayern München bit, tasted blood, and then they went berserk.

Spurs looked physically done in before the first half was over. The feel good factor from Son Heung-Min’s 12th minute goal was extinguished when Kimmich equalized, and then horribly eclipsed by Lewandowski.

That was the point of no return for Tottenham, in case you missed it.

When the players came back out, they actually looked completely demotivated.

Who’s fault was that, then?

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