Date: 20th April 2018 at 5:29pm
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‘It will be fantastic if we win the FA Cup,’ said Pochettino. ‘It will be fantastic for our fans and a great way to end the season but is it going to change our lives? I don’t believe so.

‘It is not going to move the club to a different level. That is my opinion. Some people respect it, some don’t. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested to win the FA Cup.”

Looking beyond the vexation that these words will have caused in any right thinking football fan, they don’t make any actual sense.

Winning the FA cup, to the very best of my knowledge has never been mooted as panacea. If I am now required to explain all the happy fluffy and joyous stuff that comes with winning any major trophy dear reader, then you’re not my demographic.

The feel-good factor is immense.

Unlike say ‘record attendances whilst squatting in the national stadium’ or ‘contract extensions’, or ‘YouTube views for time-lapse construction footage’, where the satisfaction is only felt by trainspotting freaks.

Worse yet, Pochettino is more than implying that winning the Premier League or the Champions League is what changes lives.

I guess Leicester City didn’t get that memo.

Or maybe, as the Spurs gaffer says, The Foxes didn’t deserve to win it. That must be it!

Sadly, away from all this light hearted prose designed to act as a calmer outlet for my rage than my initial plan which was to hurl my laptop against a wall; the truth is we’re just having our expectations managed.

This season, Spurs cannot win the league and cannot win the Champions League.

Suddenly Tottenham’s jam tomorrow IOU has been called in.

‘Tomorrow? Oh that tomorrow? Let me check my diary and get back to you. Let’s talk after weekend. After the United game. Ciao.’