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Poch Almost Bites Back: Eventually Mauricio Points The Finger At Levy
By Harry Hotspur -

An interesting enough interview with Mauricio Pochettino awaits you over at El Pais this morning, where the Argentine has eventually stopped placing emphasis upon his servicing of the ENIC debts, and actually mentioned the (white) elephant in the room, the lack of transfer budget.

This is very close to a brave move for Mauricio, because he has to retain his professional edge, yet not brush under the carpet the fact that he was hung out to dry in back to back markets.

Yes, Poch did exceed expectation at Spurs, but only within the parameters of the poorhouse, which ENIC is most definitely not. When Daniel Levy rustled up £134 million to add to the stadium build, it signified a transfer famine for the football team.

As former member of staff Paul Mitchell delicately put it, “aligning” the two projects was hard – or in reality – hopelessly impossible.

The failure to balance the commitment to the two aspects of the business created a legacy that few would have wished for. Poch was popular, personable, but painfully under resourced.

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that it was the brave new world of stellar facilities that ended Mauricio. The neglect meant no churn of playing personnel, and so the squad festered.

Two years without a signing. There’s no coherent excuse in the world for that. None at all. What a desperate state of affairs.

If only there had been a lone voice, while everyone was cooing over videos girders and such, to say #BackTheDamnManager, eh?

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