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Please, No More Molby

By The Boy -

Someone should have scheduled a test event …in Jan Molby’s head. 


The Liverpool Echo have a column running by a former player that used to drink in pubs very close to where I once had the misfortune to reside, on Merseyside.

‘Heavy legged’ says Jan Molby, describing Harry Kane.

‘Heavy lagged’ is me describing Molby after watching him one more than one occasion being on the receiving end of a close to never ending stream of ‘Ah no, well in lad, I’ll get this one mate’…


Well Harry Kane has his faults, but does this sound even vaguely accurate?

“He reminds me a bit of Alan Shearer. He’s not a razor sharp striker but he works very hard and always gets there.”

Shearer was undoubtedly a goalscoring menace, but I really am struggling to see how Molby has otherwise made this comparison.

Talk of Harry Kane’s exhaustion, goal famine and fatigue have always proved inaccurate – and I don’t spout this as some zealous fan – I say it quite soberly, because it is evidence based.

Kane is incapable of saying no.

We know that. So sometimes it catches up with him.

However he appears to approach all the competitive disciplines in his life with the same determination to succeed.

Harry was mocked for promoting some mobile device or other recently, because of the supposed staged nature of his interest in online games – but he wants to win – even on a gaming App.

It’s been reported that for even the most causal of golf games with pals, Kane arrives in the correct garb and ready to compete.

We’ve watched Harry plateau before, and he always returns.

For the opposition, somewhat like a recurring nightmare.


If I were Molby, I’d stick to barstool anecdotes of yesteryear and give the punditry a pass. 



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