Date: 9th February 2019 at 6:56pm
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Last month the Harry Hotspur blog ran a piece entitled, ‘Foxes Have Eaten The Pitch’ which even by my own appalling standards appeared ambitious.

There was a reason the in-stadium camera service had been been disrupted. 

I was advised that Urban foxes have been getting in at night and enjoying astroturf suppers. 

The full extent off the damage is unknown, but it was significant enough for the club to try and keep out of the public domain.

Naturally, on top of all the other Levy induced idiocies, this wasn’t something the club chose to comment upon in any of the updates.

As one can clearly see (bottom left), there is a fox problem at the Shopping Centre, that’s a fox trap.

In other news… the online responses to Christian Eriksen being treated like a abad smell have been more our less solidly in favour of inserting a large garden gnome into Daniel Levy’s ‘special place’.

Of course there will have been a few in favour of selling the Dane, then there will always be some in the crowd who raise their hand when asked, ‘who wants to be a squirrel?’