Date: 9th May 2019 at 6:31pm
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The Lucas Moura Show (2000hrs BT Sport) last night was a revelation, and that’s the hugely understated version.

The bustling little Brazilian has taken 3 shots in the Champions League with his left foot this season.

All of them were against Ajax yesterday.

All of three were goals.

Luca Moura is right footed.

Anyone telling you that they simply knew Moura was ‘the business’ is fibbing less convincingly than those who simply knew Moussa Sissoko was going to become pivotal figure – and when we needed one most.

Moura and Sissoko are only part of the Pochettino Effect.

Trophies remain the metric – and I’m telling you, we have one Lilywhite hand on that massive, massive, massive, king of cups.

Why, because austerity and stupidity is the business model that only Daniel Levy had the balls to employ?

The key to everything is Pochettino.

We’re all flawed. Everyone is flawed. Dr Stephen Hawking; genius mind, really irritating speaking voice. Christopher Colombus; known for his discoveries – also known for probably exporting syphilis from the known world.

Beyond the lip service to the Bald Weirdo, ‘magician’ barely describes what Poch has managed – by the skin of teeth – to muster with this ridiculously neglected squad.

Mauricio has been left to nurture a frankly odd regiment of misfits and makeweights [credit to Jonathan Liew, Indo] into something that has miraculously clicked.

Reaching any final is commendable, but Poch won’t be a winner until we beat Liverpool and he the cup is aloft. Them’s is the rules.

However, the Argentine’s managerial dues have already been well and truly paid in full.

ENIC to focus upon what they do best – and exploit this extraordinary asset.

It is Levy’s job to silence the ‘chapter closing’ and ‘go home’ comments.

For Pochettino NOT to be meaningfully backed, even if we lose 15-0 to Klopp’s mob, then it will not just be one of the most regrettable scandals of modern football – it will be utterly heartbreaking.

Back the damn manager.

There are so many good lines in As Good As It Gets, but this one from Carol The Waitress’ mother is poignant.

BEVERLY Come on. Why fight when we know how it will come out. This isn’t like stocking or a string of pearls. You don’t send this one back.

Poch can win this game in Spain.


0 responses to “People Suggesting Poch, Kane & Eriksen Could Only Win A Trophy In Spain? Probably Right All Long”

  1. Finn says:

    Actually the best line in probably any movie was when asked how he managed to write women so well, he replied: “I think of a man and take away reason and accountability”

  2. Urbane Sturgeon says:

    The question for me was never whether Moura had good qualities, it was always whether he could produce them consistently, and in the big moments. the moments question he has answered wonderfully, the consistency question is still hanging there, and he needs to do a bit more during league matches.

  3. Aussie in Switzerland says:

    I knew that Trump could do no worse than the 4 previous Presidents. I lnew Moura was good, he showed glimpses early on, bit was inconsistent as Dele. Sissoko mind fucked me…

  4. Sid Trotter says:

    I always knew Moussa and Moura would come good.

    I also knew that we would lose the final.

    And that Donald Trump is a bouncy castle

  5. Aussie in Switzerland says:

    I have just bought 2 tickets through stubhub for the Everton game, South Stand. Two other geezers names on the tickets, normal apparently. Cost a fortune, but this is my last chance to see the shopping centre before moving back to Australia in June. COYS

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