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Paxton House Ticket Office + West Stand Completion

By The Boy -

Haringey’s online planning services makes for fascinating reading and anyone suffering with insomnia should make enquiries about an audiobook.

If you’re an avid Tottenham fan, then this Servicing and Delivery plan is worth reading.

What we can glean however is a micro description of the day to day back of house activities at the the new destination.

Most of the businesses consumables from fresh food to membership packs with be handled in what appears to be a near military style operation by a logistics company by the name of DataScope.

The Paxton House Ticket Office will open in December – which provides an interesting yardstick to put it mildly.

Gladys tells me that worker leaks have pretty much dried up since the clampdown.

That said, one gentleman who was finishing up this week told our beloved char that the West Stand could be finished as soon as the end of this month.

Which again, unfavourably frames the delivery schedule that the club gave us.

It’s easy to make guesses, and with the miserable feed of disinformation coming out of THFC, it’s even more difficult to make accurate ones.

However, it looks like ENIC will be cutting it fine if the want to have the doors open and trading fully come Boxing Day.



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