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Overwhelmingly Hostile Response To THST’s Agenda Fans Furious

By The Boy -

This isn’t a recoverable position for the Trust.

Even I haven’t ever suggested boycotting games!

The overwhelming response to the Tottenham Hotspur Supporter’s Trust garbled statements/yeah buts/updates is …’get lost!’

Such is the incompetence of these pious pillocks that they’ve been brought down to earth … with dozens of bumps.

Not only good news for normal people, but long overdue for the Trust too.

These people don’t actually realise just how dangerous their self importance became.



The issue here is that this is the first time for many fans to see the desperate losers at the THST in their true light.

Petty, argumentative, inauthentic, bad breath, odd looking, disingenuous and very very condescending has long been the THST’s stock in trade.

This Tweet is the killer.



The Trust’s stunt here was 100% virtue signalling at it’s very worst.

There really is no way back for the Trust froths one, they have been roundly busted.

It really is impossible to find more than one or two morons who have supported this extraordinary foul up.

The THST were always awful, long before today.

Hopefully these crumbs will now finally get the boot.

A surreal betrayal of fan interest.

You can read my latest piece for The Sun here ?





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