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‘Otherwise it makes sense to part ways’ Fabrizio drops Spurs take

By The Boy -

Will he, won’t he? Reports surrounding Antonio Conte’s contractual situation at Tottenham Hotspur have been uniformly frustrating. For such a high profile side to be in an ongoing state of uncertainty as to whether their head coach will still be around next season is not normal. Why Spurs find themselves in this predicament is not difficult to explain. Since the inevitable sacking of Mauricio Pochettino, the managerial appointments at the North London club have all been awkward and have all been unsuccessful.

José Mourinho was great value in the All Or Nothing documentary, prophetic in particular in respect of just how close Dele Alli was to hitting the curb. Nuno Espirito Santos’ time at Hotspur Way felt like a man hired above his pay grade.

Now we have Antonio Conte just a few months away from being the most recent square peg to have run out of ideas in N17. Fabrizio Romano believes the door is still open but will require Daniel Levy to compromise.

Despite what’s been written elsewhere, I’m told no decision has been made yet on Antonio Conte or Tottenham side. They will decide later in the season, like May or June. In my opinion, there’s just one way to make things work with Conte, a coach who I really appreciate: support him and his ideas 100%, otherwise it makes sense to part ways.

Does the THFC CEO have it in him? He sacked Mourinho just six days before a cup final. José has been sacked many times, but for Levy to bin two serial winners, but having won nothing with either of them would be an extraordinarily bold move, one might even say, and terribly arrogant one.

Another issue is that Levy is running out of managers, and running out of excuses as to why his previous appointments have also all been resounding failures. Surely it is time for the club to bend, as opposed to continuing the negative cycle of breaking coach after coach? Romano talks of 100% support, but this feels like something beyond our chairman’s thinking.



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