Date: 15th June 2019 at 9:29am
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Bruno Fernandes’ name has been doing the rounds – largely thanks to his club Sporting Lisbon and his agents working overtime to offload him on someone.

Here’s the showreel (which I half recall sharing last week) and to be blunt, I don’t see £50million worth of anything much.

The Daily Mail provide the welcome news that Tottenham are no longer linked with this distinctly average looking player.

According to the Mail, Manchester City have also swerved the chance to sign the boy.

It’s all well and good being sniffy – and in this instance, wisely so – but the inertia at Spurs is beginning to suffocate as usual.

As this blog suggested from the off, it all smacks of sell to buy. Again.

With Christian Eriksen’s ‘dream ticket’ transfer looking to be on ice, where is the money coming from?

The blockage could be pinned, in simple terms, upon Spurs failing to win the Champions League.

Were the cup sat in North London now, everybody’s stock would have risen and gossip about ‘attitude’ etc wouldn’t be happening.

Toby Alderweireld is another one who suddenly doesn’t appear to be moving quite yet. More funds we won’t have.

This blog provided a run down of the club’s financials using the expert eye of the Swiss Ramble and the fact remains, despite all the huffing and puffing, there’s far less money to spend on transfers than people might have thought.

My guesstimate before the window opened was that THFC needed to spend in the region of £200million on players just to stand still.

I’ve yet to see any reason to change my mind.

Levologists will tell us that young Daniel has a rabbit in his hat, or a trick or two up his sleeve.

Nigh on 20 years of this charlatan at the helm has shown us repeatedly, the only thing up his sleeve is a bony little elbow.

Meanwhile, Pochettino looks at his Audemars Piguet and asks himself what if anything the next four weeks hold.