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Ornstein Delivers Update On NHS & BLM Tributes Planned By Premier League

By Joe Fish -

Premier League clubs could display NHS and #BlackLivesMatter badges on their shirts for the first round of Project Restart fixtures.

Player’s names on the back of the jerseys will also be replaced by #BlackLivesMatter in a grand gesture of support for the campaign which has regained momentum in light of George Floyd’s death in May.

David Ornstein from The Athletic understands that no agreement is yet in place but the willingness is there for all of these things to happen.

This is what Ornstein tweeted on the subject on Thursday:

The Premier League’s stance on racism has rarely been firm enough, and this would be their strongest show of support yet to try to tackle this problem within the game. Although, it could be seen as virtue signalling. So many other major organisations have already put their weight behind this cause and failure to do so would bring the league unwanted scrutiny.

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4 years ago

Why not All Life Matters? or is that a bad saying.

Ben Metcalfe
Ben Metcalfe
4 years ago

What if a Premier League player doesn’t want to wear a Black Lives Matter logo on his shirt ? You don’t have to be a bigot or a reactionary to want to question some of the ideas around BLM. What if you think that BLM place too much emphasis on slavery and colonialism and pay too little attention to the problems faced by black people in the here and now ? What if you think that BLM is too focused on black victimhood and white guilt ? What if you think that the BLM practice of going down on one knee smacks too much of humbling yourself before royalty or religous authorities, and you prefer to stay on your feet and look your friends and enemies in the eye ? These are legitimate questions to ask and some PL players maybe turning them over in their minds even if they are not asking them in public. No one should be expected to have the brand of a political organisation slapped on them without their specific consent. It should be a choice freely made by the individual and not mandated by their bosses without their consent.

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