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Opinion: What Now For Impotent Tottenham Hotspur?
By Harry Hotspur -
My thanks to Adam_Zapple

After the brilliant Red Star result a lot of people were calling for Poch to make few changes and get some consistency going.

Most of the team remained the same for Sheffield Utd at home, with only Aurier and Davies coming in.

Yet again we saw an incredibly leggy, ponderous and impotent spurs shuffle around the pitch to no real effect. Sheffield Utd were absolutely fantastic and were probably deserving of a win.

Poch did what many wanted and yet the same old issues are there. Arguably we’d have maybe Foyth at rb and Toby instead of Dier (who was particularly bad today), but is that going to be enough?

It’s starting to feel like Poch has kept flinging “stuff” at the wall to see what sticks, and he’s now run out of “stuff”.

It may well be that we were just tired after travelling to Serbia midweek, but I’m not sure that’s a good enough excuse. It’s certainly an excuse that Poch has avoided trying to use in the past.

What are we left with? What is the next step? We said ditch the diamond, play Ndombele, play Lo celso. I am unsure on what Poch can do next to get this team playing again.

We look lost, there is no cohesion. I am still Poch in, I believe sacking him may just allow for a short term fix but won’t fix the structural long term issues we’re seeing.

But it is worrying that we’re showing no real signs of improvement (I’m not convinced Red Star is a good barometer of progress, but the recent away result was great nonetheless).

So what now?

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14 responses to “Opinion: What Now For Impotent Tottenham Hotspur?”

  1. JimmyGrievance says:

    I found something out yesterday. It goes some way explaining some of the problems….. This from a player I know at the club.

    Certain player(s) have fallen out with one of our own.

    The players are knackered come the W’end because of double training sessions everyday.

    After the CL final Poch didn’t go into the dressing room. Instead he hopped on a private jet and legged it to somewhere in Spain.

  2. Hanumana says:

    I am also still Poch in but at the same time i start to think it’s time to let Poch go. I love to see the lads playing agressive football under Poch but it’s rarely to see those games lately. I don’t think the win against Red Star is a good barometer. Let’s face the fact, Poch are unable to deal with whatever the problem is within the squad. What happened to Kane by the way? Okay, he is working hard from time to time but something aint right. Son, Winks, Lamela, Sissoko, Foyth and Moura are the only ones who seems focused. Okay, Lo Celso was good against Sheffield Utd. 

    Poch seems clueless or unable to deal with the problems we have. Maybe we will be better of sack him and let Levy make a couple of mistakes hiring a new manager before Enic get rid of Levy. Then we can start build the team again, once Eriksen and other deadwood is gone.

  3. Sid Trotter says:

    I do believe we should stick to selling hot dogs with cheese string

  4. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Officials making it up as they go again. Well, it is Liverpool’s title as decided before the season started.

  5. Daveyboi says:

    It absolutely baffles me how anyone can still be Poch In.
    It’s the worst football I’ve seen in years , every other side in the league look miles better , we are the most clueless and worst side to watch.
    And this hasn’t sprang out of nowhere we’ve been ambling around for ages and that’s Pochs job to fix which he’s failed at miserably.
    There’s no point of talking about needing rebuilds etc when he’s hidden every summer for the last 3 years plus the January windows aswell.
    His tactics are non existent he used to just have a Plan A which was press high now everyone else seems to press us high as we play 10 passes across our back 4 in our own 3rd then wonder why we have nothing going forward.
    Awful football , massively overrated manager that got lucky at a time where most big clubs were hitting ends of cycles and in transitions plus Kane coming into his prime to make him look better.
    Still blew 2 titles where no 1 turned up and after fluking a CL final hid like usual and was tactically schooled by Klopp at a canter.
    The sooner this arrogant delusional Fraud is gone the better else we will be in a relegation scrap if it continues.
    Poch Out!

  6. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    14th place.