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Opinion: Sell Now, Think Later With Serge Aurier
By Joe Fish -

AC Milan are preparing an offer of £15m to sign Tottenham Hotspur defender Serge Aurier this January, according to Football London.

Selling Aurier could leave us without a recognised right-back with Kyle Walker-Peters expected to leave on loan this month, as Sky Sports details.

And you know what? I don’t care.

Aurier has proven time and again that he cannot be relied upon. He must not be first choice next season, so sell him while we have the chance.

Most of the offers for players who we need to shift – Aurier, Danny Rose, Victor Wanyama etc – are going to be from smaller clubs, which is one of the reasons why we have had so much difficultly getting rid thus far.

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The package of London life, the best stadium and training ground in the world and regular football makes less esteemed destinations thoroughly unattractive. But AC Milan have enough pulling power to make this an opportunity that Aurier is less likely to decline in favour of staying at Spurs.

A big squad rebuild is required and we won’t get it all done on our terms – at the right price or at the right time. So to get things moving we may have to take a couple of hits. I am fully prepared to take a hit on Aurier.

Anyone defending the Ivorian’s supposedly improved form under Jose Mourinho is clinging onto the occasional good cross or the fact that he hasn’t messed up as often as he used to. He isn’t good enough. Simple.

Play a kid instead. Use Juan Foyth or Japhet Tanganga there. Sign a replacement this window.

Whatever. Sell now, think later.

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56 responses to “Opinion: Sell Now, Think Later With Serge Aurier”

  1. Tappaspur says:

    Only a couple of our players could play for bigger clubs. Most could play for smaller clubs like arsenal and Chelsea😂😂

  2. James McKevitt says:

    A simple test for the Auriers of this world. Would he now make the starting eleven of a top four Premier League team with the serious desire to play in the Champions League?
    I will let each poster answer that question for himself.

  3. Limerick AL. says:

    Take off Dier , don’t bother putting on anyone.

  4. paul says:

    Lo Celso seems to be able to plant a dangerous corner egads!

  5. paul says:

    We lack cohesion as a team, purpose too. And then there’s guile and desire. Other than that we’re good.

  6. paul says:


    Jeez boro look like sheet.

  7. Cabspur says:


  8. Cabspur says:

    BBC no sh itty links!! Evening gents.

  9. Sid Trotter says:

    Is Harold boycotting doing a new blog?

  10. paul says:

    who dafuq is this fully affected blud-fam kid on the beeb, jesus wept

  11. Badmus Rilwan Adekunle says:

    pls sell to us & regret later

  12. Lord Croker says:

    Mag to grid get rid.

  13. Winning Mentality says:

    Sell, sell, sell, no thinking needed!!

  14. James McKevitt says:

    I’m a little more hopeful that he might loosen the purse strings, he didn’t trust Poch to spend the budget, but he acted like a scalded cat when he saw the Champions League gravy train disappearing over the horizon. I think he likes the limelight, enjoys dining at the top table with the Barcas, Reals and and Juves of this world. That taste of glory in the CL final hopefully has him looking for more. Watch Mourinho’s press conferences, he’s openly pleading for more investment, but it’s done subtly with all his charm. If he won’t back Jose then he won’t back anyone.

  15. Wes Moore says:

    Actually agree with this. Particularly the point about the fact that it won’t all be on our terms when we eventually get this rebuild underway. The problem is, our Danny Boy ALWAYS wants it ALL his own way.

  16. Billy the yid says:

    Couldn’t agree more. However as the point is made below levy will want to make his money back, or even a profit so he can continue to rise up that rich league. Sod the football team. Harsh reality is we are gonna have to take a hit on a few of them, and scout the replacement properly, as in as a person as well as kick ball from a to b, and preferably not always injured as well

    • Tappaspur says:

      He already has the bale money back (I think) this is all “bunce now. “Buck-she

    • Tappaspur says:

      He already has the bale money back (I think) this is all “bunce now. “Buck-she

    • James McKevitt says:

      On match days the money is pouring in. Those two American football games went down a storm in the States and here, expect more, he’s dipping his toes in the water with the Guns and Roses concert, expect more. The stadium naming rights haven’t even been sold yet. There is also the chance of a European Super League on the horizon. What would that be worth? This money making machine hasn’t even kicked into top gear yet.

  17. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    That would represent a €10m loss on the €25m we spent. Levy will never go for that, he’ll want to at least want to get his money back. Having said that there are too many loose canons in the Spurs team these days and it’s killing us. Serge baby is one of them.

  18. Leslie Crawford says:

    Sell Aurier,Rose,Dier,Wanyama,CarterVickers,Eriksen,Vertonghen and loan Foyth & Kwp.

  19. Hot Potinio says:

    Sell, use Foyth. Buy Semedo.

  20. DannyG says:

    Makes sense to me. I’d rather give Foyth and KWP some game time. They can’t be any worse.