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Opinion: Our £637M Stadium Debt Looking Like A Pair Of 5 Star Handcuffs

By Joe Fish -

It was a year ago today the first ‘proper’ game took place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as we beat Man City 1-0 in the Champions League.

A report in The Times has claimed that Spurs still have a outstanding loan of £637m to pay back, to cover the costs of building our new home.

That’s the equivalent of three Harry Kanes and two Son Heung-mins.

But thankfully we have the time to defer drastic fundraising action in the transfer market as it is understood we have 23 years to pay off the debt.

That is £30m a year, which is easier to stomach until you realise that £30m is going to be cut from the player recruitment fund for every season.

The best stadium in Europe, which it undoubtedly is in my totally non-biased opinion, was supposed to be Daniel Levy’s legacy but that legacy is looking like a quarter-century of debt paying and shorting us on transfers.

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Jonathan Hurst
Jonathan Hurst
3 years ago
Reply to  JimmyGrievance

But he should out of respect for the fans I love spurs, have since i was 4/5 and now we just arent spurs, yes we are pushing for greater things than 10 years ago but what’s the point if that’s all your content with doing pushing. I think levy had a 10 year plan and poch was successful and screwed it up now here we are

3 years ago
Reply to  Marbella Spur

Like you say, he’s made ENIC and himself lots of money …… not going anywhere soon.

Marbella Spur
Marbella Spur
3 years ago

Why has he not been held to account for going 100% over budget, let alone the project being delayed by one season as well? Instead of being dismissed for failure at an executive level, he has been rewarded with a £3mill bonus Now due to his inbuilt meanness of spirit, by furloughing the club staff, he will struggle to get the money for the naming rights which he had already priced way beyond market levels, similar to his transfer strategy. He will not find a blue chip company to sponsor the naming rights as the brand is tarnished forever by his antics. I grant you that he has made a lot of money for Enic and himself, but the facts remain that he has damaged the brand irreparably and that Enic will never get the price they wanted to sell the club. It matters to me and I am sure many other supporters how the club is viewed. Under Levy’s reign , we have had ten managers, one piece of silverware and a lot of unnecessary debt. His contempt for Spurs supporters is well documented. Time for a new CEO.

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