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One or two sore heads on the cards in the Premier League New Year

By The Boy -

The Premier League remains one of the most exciting divisions in the world, and as we begin the push for Christmas, the inevitable congestion of fixtures only adds to the intensity and one glance at the back pages on any day of the week lets one know that very few top-flight coaches are enjoying the season as much as the fans are.

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Former Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino is one man who is finding his time at Chelsea unforgiving, and it’s got little to do with fixtures coming thick and fast, it’s as the Blues’ form under the Argentine has been utterly inconsistent all season long. With the increasing pressure, Chelsea have won just three games in their last six. Getting beaten by Manchester United was perhaps not a complete surprise, despite their implausible form, but to be comprehensively beaten by Everton shortly afterward is surely a massive concern given the vast financial resources that have been thrown at the project.

United themselves have been looking dreadfully inconsistent all season, but what we’re witnessing is essentially the same routine that’s been playing out since Sir Alex Ferguson eventually stepped to one side. Despite being six places higher up the table, Erik Ten Hag‘s form is worse than Pochettino’s and would surprise very few.

Then there’s Manchester City to consider, who are notoriously slow starters, their form has become even duller in recent weeks than Chelsea’s and United’s. There’s a somewhat overused phrase in football about form being temporary and class being permanent, but once more this is likely to be proven true. I wouldn’t rule out City relishing the forthcoming weeks and entering the New Year at a canter.

It’s a similar situation with Tottenham. A sorry tale of injuries and indiscipline caused Ange Postecoglou to suffer a run of bad results, but slowly the players are returning, and the suspensions will have been served.

One thing looks likely, and that is that neither Manchester United nor Chelsea are giving any indication of having either the wit or wherewithal to come out of their respective slumps anytime soon. If anything, these two big clubs look set to greet the New Year with sizable hangovers.


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