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One Man Lost That Watford Game

By The Boy -

“It is so painful to concede two goals like this, it is so painful because the first half looked like a friendly game,” Pochettino told PA Sport.

Painful to concede yes; yet far more painful to watch.

Losing 1-2 on the back of memorable win at Old Trafford says a lot; your opponent scoring all 3 goals positively speaks volumes.


This was another Spurs game where we had the bulk of the possession, made the most tackles, won the most corners and yet were as threatening as a damp washcloth.





So the million dollar question has to be ‘was it the car, or the driver that let Tottenham down’?

Based upon the above chart, the team on the right were the ones ones that won 2-1.

Looks like a lashed up Hugo was the designated driver…


When we look at influence upon the game, the crucial element to bare in mind here is that ‘influence’ only represents activity, opposed to useful effect.





Opta based Influence information tells us that our back four was busy, but there were far too many others who were not.

This is unequivocally a formation problem – an alternate scenario is that Moura, Kane and Dembele all had off days – to which list we can add Eriksen who was busy but achieved naff all.

Which is a convenient notion, but an ambitious one.

Kindly note, I’m not looking for a donkey to pin the tail on here, rather I’m looking for understanding – because I didn’t understand that performance while I was watching it.

I routinely scour every Spurs place online for Gits & Shiggles – and most fans are blaming individual players. 

This may not be the most enlightened approach.

Very happy to be proved wrong – but if players get lots right – with no effectual outcome – then we need to ask what happened.

Don’t we?

Look how numb our passing was this time round.




Our backline was busy – but look at where the passes went!

Then we cast an eye at possession.

No matter home much we got, it did us no good.

Case closed.

Poch botched it.

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