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One big reason it is almost impossible to guess Tottenham’s summer transfer business

By Bruce Grove -

Regardless of who makes the decisions about players being signed or sold the manager has to be consulted or at least considered in the decision making.

The reason is simple, you cannot just go and sign a player that does not suit the managers’ style of play, to do that will always end in failure.

The truth right now is that none of us and probably no one at Tottenham either has any real idea who the manager will be in the summer.

Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool all know who their manager will be and can therefore make their plans, Tottenham cannot do that.

If Spurs finish outside Europe and get humiliated in the Carabao Cup then it is safe to assume that Jose Mourinho will be given his marching orders.

However, if Tottenham does lift the Carabao Cup and somehow sneak into a top-four spot then it is hard to see the Portuguese departing in the summer.

With that in mind, it is almost impossible right now to guess who Spurs may sign.

For example, Milan Skriniar looks like an ideal type of Mourinho player but is he the sort of player that another manager would want? I really do not know.

Look at Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea, he has come in and made some significant changes, players that were out of favour under Frank Lampard have been brought back into the fold and others now find themselves on the fringes.

In fact, just look closer to home at some of the players that were favoured by Mauricio Pochettino and are now outcasts under Mourinho.

Would a new manager bring back Oliver Skipp and Ryan Sessegnon and integrate them into the squad, most of us probably suspect that Mourinho will not.

So, until we know as a certainty who the Tottenham manager will be in the summer the reality is that we have no idea which type of player the club will be targeting and I doubt they know right now either.

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Paul Donovan
Paul Donovan
3 years ago

To me it shouldnt matter who the coach is, no matter style of play , we need good centre backs & full backs If a player is top quality in his position most coaches will rate them. Only flair players divide opinion. Also its a myth that only we play the Spurs way , United , Liverpool , City & sadly Wengers Arsenal played great football , but Pallister , Bruce, Parker , Irwin, Bould , Adams , Dixon , Winterburn , i wont bore any1 with the rest. We need quality defenders & a hard man & leader in middle. That much never changes to win our league. And we need the winning mindset

England Mike
England Mike
3 years ago

I doubt the atmosphere and confidence within the club and in particular the playing squad are in a healthy condition right now.
That Son interview follows the recent one by Lloris that tells the world of how broken this group are feeling, which probably means a lot of these players will be looking for a way out or a change of manager in the summer.
Somehow Levy has to resolve a lot of issues between now and the season end with certain players, and then decide what to do with a failing manager.

James McKevitt
James McKevitt
3 years ago

With less money available it’s likely to be more of the same players in the £10 to £25 million range, like Doherty at the cheaper end and Bergwign at the upper end.

Maybe one big signing to pacify Harry Kane but it’s likely that most of the players we would like to see gone will still be here.

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