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“On crack?” A Spurs Fan Calls talkSPORT & The Reaction From These Fans Is Less Than Charitable [video]
By Harry Hotspur -

Today, a gentleman who (coincidentally) sounded remarkably like Gary Mabbutt rang into a talkSPORT show, to express his despair about watching Tottenham under José Mourinho.

The two most surreal moments for me were the caller’s belief that Dele Alli was our best player against Red Bull Leipzig when he was substituted – and that Mourinho was in danger of ruining what Mauricio Pochettino had built.

Quite how this chap made Dele better than invisible that night is one matter, but idea that Poch achieved anything tangible at all – is frankly bizarre. The Argentine was a nice guy, but he didn’t win anything, and he was drifting horribly when he was eventually dismissed.

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32 responses to ““On crack?” A Spurs Fan Calls talkSPORT & The Reaction From These Fans Is Less Than Charitable [video]”

  1. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Levy ruined what poch built by ceasing to function like an ordinary club… Again there’s a twittering twit above tweeting that Maureen was brought in to save money! What is this nonsense. We needed players out and 6 or 7 or 8 quality players in for years now…. To suggest buying a great manager will mean there will be no need for a transition is idiotic… We still need to buy players for the team. The team and players are FAR more important than the manager.

    • Billy the yid says:

      Totally agree mate. But the Prince of darkness has cottoned onto the fact that buying a manager is cheaper than the players. People are getting excited because of Jose’s name. I’m not having an undue go at him, but the harsh facts are there’s been zero improvement. And the pundits are quite right to say what they are. And as you say below, the problem came because there was no replacement for dembele, who made dier and wanyama look decent players. And for the first time in god knows how long we had a brilliant defence. But walker wasn’t replaced. I know some question dembele, but for me that was the tipping point. As for the future, I really don’t know, but Jose looks p@ssed off already, the team look like they have given up, and due to a couple of seasons of dojng nothing we now need huge surgery, and we all know that won’t happen. Don’t look good

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        You cannot play a match with 11 managers on the pitch… So we still need to buy players 😆 its no cheaper… In fact the more expensive managers tend to want the more expensive players. Simply because they are the best….. Anyone who thought bringing in a new manager meant we suddenly didnt need new players is totally illogical to me. A new manager needs more players if anything to suit them.

  2. Billy the yid says:

    I find all the anti poch talk on here very distasteful. Only the future will tell, but let’s see how Jose does compared to poch. And while doing that let’s remember poch had sod all money to spend either. And no home ground for a year and a half. Think personally he should be afforded a little more gratitude for getting us to the promised land consistently. Not his fault the cash vanished for doing so

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      We were formidable in our last season at the lane. Levy had ignored the squad for a year… We were unbeaten at home all season regardless… We needed 2 or 3 players to kick on replacing walker and dembele….. Never happened… All downhill from there more neglect from our board made us crash and burn. The incompetence came from the top.. I’m amazed poch held it together as long as he did.

  3. East Stand says:

    “He’s going to ruin what Poch built.” 😫

    Ain’t that the truth, although Levy doesn’t need any help with that, he’s been destroying this team for about three seasons. Probably longer…

  4. PlayItAgainSamways says:

    Its a tad depressing watching us at the min but that isnt Joses fault. We’ve been rubbish for well over a year.

    There is a massive Moussa Dembele shaped hole in the squad.

    This rotten period could be a blessing in disguise as no doubt Jose will have a plan on what the squad needs but will also help him identify who is truly playing for the club.

    Jose has plans, brains and trophies. Spurs have been rotten for years bar a few flattering seasons under Poch. There is alot that needs fixing at Spurs and Jose is not broken.


    • Getting what players we have got, playing to a much higher standard would be a good start. Even if Sonny and Kane were fit there’s no one playing from the back to service them.

      • Andy says:

        Toby signed an extension because of Jose, Jan still in his plans, Aurier playing his best football under Jose, Sessegnon not Jose’s type. That’s the back half sorted!

        • Toby and Jan are both too old and have no future and Aurier is always prone to disasters. Tanganga is the future on the right. What I’ve seen of Sessegnon does not impress me at all, same with Gedson, unless Mourinho is playing them out of position, which would explain the poor performances.

          • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

            Toby and jan have a few years left i reckon. I like sessy too i think he’ll come good… Gedson I’m scratching my head with, not sure about him at all.. We defo need full backs man you’re right, on both flanks we can get found out. Davies aurier taph need competition for places for sure.

            • A year for Toby and Jan and I think they will hang up their boots. The modern game is only for youngsters.

            • East Stand says:

              Sess is still very young, plenty of time. Aurier ain’t getting any better at 27, I hope I’m wrong but Toby looks to be on the wane. What happened to Sanchez too? He was awesome in his first season…

        • East Stand says:

          Toby looks finished to me, and Aurier’s ’best’ football is still isn’t as good as other player’s worst football! 😂

    • East Stand says:

      So Poch gets no excuses for getting to a Champions League final with a 17th net spend and Jose can’t even get them into the top 4 and he’s given every excuse under the sun. Brilliant…

    • Andy says:

      Does Jose’s plan, always very expensive, older players, no sell on value but sells on emerging talent have Levy’s imprimatur?

    • ronan1882 says:

      Jose has been a broken straw for a lot longer than this spurs team. At Man U he was closer to the relegation places than the top when he was fired, despite having g spent 400m. Chelsea too were in 8th with a toxic atmosphere when they pulled the plug on him. This was his recent history before levy paid him twice as much as klopp.

    • East Stand says:

      The term ‘rubbish’ is all relative. For a year you say? We were in the Champions League final and finished in the top 4 within the last year…

      • PlayItAgainSamways says:

        We were lucky to get to the CL final. I coined the phrase Stokenham Hotspur to my mates when discussing how we were playing.

        We played well in December but after that we were shocking.

        We stumbled into the top 4.

        So yesh, we were rubbish for pretty much all of 2019.

  5. Tappaspur says:

    Said it once and I’ll say it again. The vast majority of pochs team will not be here when the glory starts rolling in. 22/23 season. Might pick up some little bits on the way but 22/23 is when the real fun will start.

    • Andy says:

      1 How many managers get 3 years esp with no CL to fill the coffers?
      2 Does Levy have a history of providing real support to any manager? T o help you with this, why bring in Gedson when a striker was crucial? Answer: young talent with sell on potential.
      A well beaten man goes down a well beaten path, which is what you are doing.

    • East Stand says:

      You reckon? 😂

      If we have different owners by then perhaps…

  6. Lord Croker says:

    Maureen can only work with the players he has available and if they turn up on the day is a bonus. It’s a clusterfak however the squad is thin and Levy has neglected the footballing side for years. No quick fixes will solve the underlying problems.

    • Andy says:

      The follow on question m’lud would be if there is any sort of fix likely to occur under Enic? Levy blames the manager and sacks them.

      • East Stand says:

        He’ll sack Jose soon enough. Then he’ll really be up $hit creek without a paddle. Not that he’ll care, so long as the duffel bag’s full on the flight to Barbados…

    • East Stand says:

      Yeah but the football under Jose is close to unwatchable. To see a Sours team play like this is soul destroying…

  7. Billy the yid says:

    I’ll be well impressed if Jose does anything. He just don’t look like he’s got either the heart, the players or the tactical side either to me. 3 months under the Prince of darkness may have finished him

    • East Stand says:

      I reckon these few months under Levy have sucked any remaining enthusiasm Jose had for the game. He looks done mate…

    • Andy says:

      He has got the chance to learn how the next wave of managers work at first hand. When he is back as a pundit his insight into Nagelsmann will be enlightening.