Date: 15th March 2017 at 11:02am
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Gladys nailed it. Normally it’s her that’s getting nailed.

The line from the club about needing to wait for the swelling to go down (oh er missus) was probably the biggest piece of garbage they dreamt up since they decided they were going to ban the ‘Y’ word.

If the NHS adopted this approach, you could kiss goodbye to all those pesky waiting lists because about 50% of patients would be pronounced dead before they were even diagnosed.

Miraculously, in only 24 hours the boy Kane was ready to be scanned.

The truth is that Spurs had already had Kane thoroughly examined and the 6 week timeline had already been estimated.

It’s possible that Kane could target the FA Cup semi-final clash with Chelsea on April 22 but far more likely to aim for the Arsenal game on April 30th.

Why did Spurs flimflam the news?

The answer is straightforwardly that the injury caused an internal meltdown. The thing they really, really didn’t want to happen had finally happened and the first instinct was to ‘manage’ the situation.

Problem is, the horse has long bolted and we’re now left with flaky Son and the mystery prize that is Janssen.

The good news is that we have plenty of goals kicking around across the team. There’s also the fixtures that Kaneinho will miss. We should be grateful it’s a comparatively soft run.

Audere Est Facere? In the softly spoken words of Hunter Davies. “Oh Dear, It’s F*cked.”