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Nuno Espírito Santo comments on the hat-trick performance by Harry Kane
By Eddie Razo -

Over the last couple of weeks, Harry Kane has been at center stage, taking criticism from various English pundits for his form, resulting in a three-game losing streak following the loss to Arsenal in the latest edition of the North London derby. 

Nonetheless, Tottenham hopes that Kane can carry Thursday’s performance in the 5-1 victory over NŠ Mura in the UEFA Conference League. The 28-year-old would score a hat-trick after coming on as a substitute in the second half.

Manager Nuno Espírito Santo commented on Kane’s hat-trick at his press conference, where Football.London relayed his statements regarding what it does for his confidence as they look to get out of this three-game losing in the Premier League. 

“It is important for everybody, I always insist. The more important thing is that we have all the players in the best they can be. All the squad today was important for players that didn’t have too many chances; they played 90 minutes,” Nuno said. “For the future, it is important to prepare what is in front of us, so all the squad is needed.”

“I back all the players; all the players have my total support—all of them. We have to support them and help them find the level that I believe they have, which is talent, quality. If we have all the players in the best, we can have a good squad and team.”

Tottenham will welcome Aston Villa this weekend in hopes of a win to begin turning this losing streak around. Plenty of criticism is already coming towards Nuno, and neither he nor Kane wants to lose and have this losing streak fester as a talking point for pundits over the international break. 

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1 month ago

“We have to support them and help them find the level that I believe they have”

true fans (not the Happy Clappers) know that level already

East Stand
East Stand
1 month ago

I’m not sure that this guy can get them to any level near their best. And as you say, then what is that level anyway?

It’s pretty obvious that when Poch there and they were younger and they were full of enthusiasm and listening, and fully engaged with what was going on, they performed at high level. That was why it was always completely bonkers to get rid of him because all it was only going to do was expose the real lack of investment and quality in the squad. I thought it at the time and it has obviously come to pass.

This is why I have limited sympathy for Jose, because (despite his experience) he came in singing the squad’s praises, said they were fantastic. So if he didn’t get a tune out of them after saying all of that, then it’s nobody‘s fault but his own. He might of worked out had he been able to bring in lots of players fitted his way of playing, that was never going to happen. He should never have taken the job. I’m failing to see the logic behind the appointment, and as for Nuno? Another even higher level of disbelief, we are a complete and utter shambles…

Last edited 1 month ago by Easty
1 month ago
Reply to  East Stand

Pochs time maybe is part of the problem, with the players being over coached, they did as they were told and did it well.
so from the outside they looked good, but how often were there complaints of no plan be or Sonny being subbed at 70mins ish etc etc.
But Poch said things had too change as this was always going to bring us a little short.
Mourinho was a Levy vanity project as he believed stadium size, facilities, academy and maybe a big name manager, a big club makes.Though missing that players of a right capability and attitude are one of the top two things to get timed right for successful sides.
Mourinho was more individual responsibilities for players and individually some players flourished and some floundered. Ultimately the changes needed before were still needed but Levy wanted to avoid winning even a league cup so Jose went and we were no further along with nearly the same group.
Nuno was not a first choice (you choose how far down a list) but he was even behind Guttuso. Which walking into a changing room isn’t going to carry much gravitas is it now.

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