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“Now He Hates The Chelsea” – Mourinho Gets His First Spurs Chant [Video]
By Joe Fish -

There were a few questions over whether Jose Mourinho would be fully embraced as the new Tottenham Hotspur manager.

The Portuguese was fighting his Chelsea connections and also the loyalists who were upset to see Mauricio Pochettino sacked in the manner he was.

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But with two wins from two games, Mourinho is winning the doubters round already. He’s already got his first chant as Spurs boss…

For those who can’t translate six-beer cockney singing…

Jose is a Yid, Jose is a yYd.

Don’t tell United, Inter, Madrid.

Now he hates the Chelsea scum ‘cos Jose is a Yid. Jose is a Yid.”

The creativity of the average football fan always pleasantly surprises me.

The same fans who can’t tweet in complete sentences turn into Bob Dylan when there is a chant to be sung. Or, Ed Sheeran, for our younger readers.

Let’s get this rocking against Bournemouth tomorrow. COYS.

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26 responses to ““Now He Hates The Chelsea” – Mourinho Gets His First Spurs Chant [Video]”

  1. Tappaspur says:

    Man said “poch go out to sea fe five years and come back with no bloodclart fish an a call himself fisherman😂😂😂😂😂

  2. MrChickenHead says:


  3. Tappaspur says:

    If any of that terrorist foolishness happened on any of Haringey’s bridges (river Lea😊) wouldn’t have to wait till police come before he’s shot dead. 😁😂

  4. East Stand says:

    Jose is just doing his job, he’s not tribal at all. It’s all about him.

  5. Tappaspur says:

    🎼jose is a YIIIIIIIID
    Jose is a yiiiiid

    • Tappaspur says:

      We need a drummer. G up the crowd. We’ve got one at Coles park. He’s brilliant. I do my little ting with my cow bell. A little kid wanted a go so I obviously let him. He started banging it when the opposition were attacking. Nooooooooooo 😂

      • Tappaspur says:

        Tomorrow. big game in Tottenham. Haringey vs Woking. 1886. The rebels. We got stuffed last week by hemel Hempstead. Spurs and the boro playing at the same time. The boro lose a bit of money because of it. The car park. Up the SPURINGEY

        • Tappaspur says:

          Woking. Highest average gates in the ishman league. Twice the average gates as us. 850. That’s good dough. Haringey boro free season tickets. I know its all good for the community and building up the fan base but chairman ake should maybe have a rethink re next season. Not free but cheap.

          • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

            Comments are closed on previous so i cant reply.. Going back to poch i meant mentality as well. Consistent champions league qualifying, supposed title chasers we werent this before.. By identity i meant more really, style of play high press, promoting and training youth.. Pochy took over he was only 42 with only 5 yrs manager experience.. I think his time in england he gave our national team some identity too… Through spurs and saints 25 out of 50 england debutantes were all poch graduates.. Half the england squad have him to thank

            • East Stand says:

              Quality coach and bloke. Some lucky so and so’s will end up giving him a job. Most probably Manure.

            • Tappaspur says:

              I like poch too man. If I was arsenal I’d want poch over Jose. Maybe because they don’t need titles as much as us. The European ting we have done better than them 3-2. we’ll win the champions league before them. Anyway they want our old and new manager. 😁

  6. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Looking forward to finding a crappy stream for tomorrow’s game where you cant tell the difference between Aurier and Rose 😳 (terms & conditions apply, please see CL game for further details)

  7. Lilywhite without the II says:

    😆😂…brilliant H….

  8. Jonathan Hurst says:

    I honestly love this more than I thought I would lol

  9. David Dillenberg says:

    London Bridge has been cordoned off by police, with a BBC journalist reporting hearing gunfire.