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Next 3 Spurs Fixtures Finally Confirmed
By Harry Hotspur -

After what one can only imagine having included a fair degree of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, the first three rounds of Premier League’s Project Restart have finally been hammered out and released to the public courtesy of The Times (£) via talkSPORT.

Of course, the matches will be behind closed doors and held at neutral venues which – it wouldn’t surprise me – if they weren’t announced at extremely short notice.

One venue we will not be seeing during this feast of football is the Spurs stadium, due to the arena’s proximity to residential housing.

33 of the remaining 92 matches will be free to air across multiple platforms, and we’ll publish the details as soon as a comprehensive list is compiled. The good news is that viewers will be able to watch some games for free – on subscription platforms.

The kick-off times are as follows: Monday: 8pmTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6pm, 8pm/8.15pmFriday: 6pm, 8pmSaturday: 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, 7.45pmSunday: 12pm, 2pm, 4:30pm, 7pm.

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1 year ago

It will be interesting to finally see how Mourinho has been working with a fully fit squad,a treat I don’t think Poch was ever afforded.
If you look at our remaining nine games,without an upturn in performances then results,we have several tricky matches where we could easily drop points.There is no telling how everyone is going to perform following this enforced break,but the fact is,for us to achieve our ambitions (top four),we have very limit room for error.
We probably need to win 7-8 of those last games.Is it doable?

1 year ago

I don’t see what residential housing near by has got to do with the price of fish.

1 year ago

Not sure where to put this……

If you read beyond the first line or two, I need you to
please OPEN YOUR MINDS, because what you are about to read may be controversial

Now some might see this as a better defence being afforded
him than he affords us, but like Sissoko (and others) before him, he’s the current
go-to punch bag for most fans to let fly their frustrations. Nonetheless I’d
like to posit a case for why we should be cutting the boy some slack and even
cheering him on a bit.

It’s been a good few years now that we’ve had a problem with
opponents targeting our right flank. Apart from a spell where Davies was tripping
over his feet (before eventually finding them), our left flank has been pretty
secure with an established Davies and/or until recently, Rose. More
importantly, we seem to have had more players prepared to challenge in left midfield
(including HK dropping in) plus the magnificence of Jan Vertongen who could cover
centre, the channel and the flank so well.

Again until recently (last season or so), we’ve had decent
cover through the centre until losing Wanyama and of course the criminal act of
spoiling Dier in the DMF position, but on our right we’ve been weak for some

I believe a key weakness has been a lack of first line challenging
on that side; Eriksen was often in or around that first line and whilst he
would position himself to challenge, most teams knew he would not actually commit
to a tackle; I think its why we always looked better when Lamela came on, he
created some ‘bite’ at the first line of defence.

I trace this history, because lambasting Aurier for being a
dog chasing a parked car, is not isolated – remember we named Walker “Bonzo”
and Trippier was often the subject of negative comments too – so is it the
players or the way we are playing them?

I’m drawn to the games where we do well and where all three
of those RBs have been effective. It’s no surprise that (and in fairness this
is largely anecdotal observation), there has been better cover options for both
the flank and the gutter between the wing and the central corridor.

Initially Dier was great cutting that channel off,
protecting Toby and leaving Walker with just the wing to defend, not the whole
flank. We’d often have Lamela and Harry also doing their best terrier impressions
as part of our high press line. But we suffered after Walker; Trippier eventually
coming through, but his hey-day sort of went hand in hand with Sissoko starting
to find form and then increasingly providing real cover for that channel,
backed by Toby, just leaving Tripps with the wing to worry about. Then we come
to Aurier.

Now I concede that Aurier has taken time to adjust to the
EPL (and society as a whole if his social distancing skills are anything to go
by) and I agree his rashness has led him to do, before he thinks. But the Sun link
in another HH blog, showed some pretty amazing stats on him. He has more tackles
won than any two of Sanchez/Toby/Jan and nearly as many as all three put
together! His fouls are slightly more than Harry, slightly less than Sissoko. He
has a number of assists and has scored a few cracking goals!

Yet despite that we (the ultimate in catty supporters), will
try and pin the Titanic on him if it’s a cold day. To give an example (can’t
recall which game), Eriksen lost possession and as a result Aurier was drawn
out of position into the right midfield channel to challenge the unopposed runner
(due mainly to Winks, who instead of being there was flat-footed and ball-watching).
Aurier attacked the runner and won the ball but was dispossessed (2 on 1), he
got up and won the ball again but was again dispossessed. Toby had drifted to
cover Aurier whilst Winks was still standing and watching as a massive space
opened behind him: this led to a short through ball and goal conceded.

The main culprit was (IMHO) Winks – we don’t expect tackling
form Eriksen; now if Toby had been the one putting those tackles in we’d have
pitched for the first Belgian knighthood. But guess who got the blame for the
goal? Yep Aurier, who was covering Winks and did all he could to win the ball
and cut off the attack.

Aurier’s commitment and work rate are (IMO) unquestionable
and he’s learning heaps from Mourinho, who has I think a better idea of what he
wants from his full backs. Poch started off with two fullbacks in their early/mid
twenties who had an amazing combination of speed and stamina and gave us serious
capacity to really attack sides. But as they aged/moved on, we seemed to try to
fit the players we had to that system rather than find the players who could
play that system, or alternatively change the system to accommodate the
strengths of those players we did have.

Aurier is gaining ground on himself and his team mates, with
Sissoko in front of him allowing him the freedom to get forward, LoCelso just
inside and we hope a more solid defence (we do need a defensive midfielder) on
his inside.

I think the potential is there for Aurier to really start to
star for us much like Sissoko did: another ugly duckling who became a swan. He’s
certainly not the finished article, but his all round game is on the up and if
Mo can reduce the number of ‘mad-moments’ I think he could really come good.

1 year ago
Reply to  Finn

He’s an outside right. I wouldn’t sell him.

1 year ago
Reply to  Finn

Regards Aurier, I am in agreement with you there, and the most important signing for me is a “no hold’s barred, will beat his granny up, will not get past me” Defensive midfielder.

Christopher Mills
Christopher Mills
1 year ago

An error in the text; “Of course, the matches will be behind closed doors and held at neutral venues.”

The Premier League have not made any such statement. However, Police have recommended some of the games be played at neutral venues. So why are you assuming that all Spurs home games will be at a neutral venue and not Tottenham Stadium?

1 year ago

Ditto, as far as I know it is only the Gooner game that has been suggested by the old Bill to be played at a neutral venue, correct me if I am wrong.

Christopher Mills
Christopher Mills
1 year ago
Reply to  PompeyYid

You are not wrong. Spurs twitter account has now confirmed Utd and West Ham are at our stadium.

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