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New Stadium Appears To Include State Of The Art Bingo Hall

By The Boy -

Great news for those Client Reference Numbers in the fanbase seeking to live life at more modest pace.

If the cut and thrust of of modern football with all it’s crazy modern trappings such as see through walls and visually reality headsets leaves you in a spin, perhaps pop a sample from the Cheese Room in you trouser pocket and make your way to the bridge of the Starship Bingoprize.

Clearly, or perhaps unclearly this isn’t the world’s most elaborate tombola, or an outsized loo roll for the lavatory shaped roof.

Rather it is said to be an un-illuminated LED thing.




This may be one way of addressing the complaints about the new arena blocking light for local residents.

When this baby fires up, THFC may be required to hand out free pairs of sunglasses.


No updates on a possible date for the grand opening of the stadium as yet, however reports continue to trickle in reaffirming that the activity has is still at more subdued pace – than it was prior to Levy being forced to go public with with the whole ‘there’s been a delay’ announcement.

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