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New Kit Release Draws Very Mixed Reactions |images
By Harry Hotspur -

COVID-19 is going to destroy a lot of clothing businesses – especially those using bricks and mortar, and holding stock. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is the proud owner of the largest club retail space in Europe, so we are told.

Until the pubs open properly (so thanks, but no thanks – to drinking in some weird isolated cubicle) I’ve zero motivation to wander about aimlessly hoping some daft blighter doesn’t infect me – and so snapping up some Spurs’ merch isn’t on my radar.

So my prediction is that these weak designs, plus the “Mum, how hot did you wash my new home shirt at?”– looking first-team shirts are going to burn Mr. Levy’s fingers.

Some fans here express positive views. Some did.

Paul calls it as he sees it. Say what you see, Paul.
Good question, alas it is Daniel levy that signed these off.
This is spot on. Which is to say, this is our badge randomly stuck on some gym-wear.
The cold reality hits you, like a bucket of water, a bucket of cold pink water.
The closest we’ll get to that is watching these being heavily discounted at the season end.
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