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Never Red, But What About Pink? The Cockerel & It’s Nest

By The Boy -

The Cockerel going up on the roof has been met with positivity by most, and it’s certainly been a good idea making a replica of the original.

For one, a larger icon was needed to avoid a ‘pea on a drum’ scenario.

And for two, British weather is an unkind mistress, especially when combined with the raging pollution of modern London.

Pictures have emerged of the production process, and in an age when voodoo tales of rivals shirts are said to have been planted in the footings of sports arenas, it’s amusing to discover that Tottenham Hotspur’s big bird has a shade of salmonella pink beneath her golden lustre.


Pink, pink to make The Boys From The Lane Wink? 



A proper pair of politically incorrect Spurs! 



They switched of their television sets and did something less boring instead (one for the dads) 



That’s one seagull you don’t want swooping for your chips 



Big Bird’s new nest being secured

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