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Neal Maupay takes fresh dig at Tottenham players and fans

By Mehdi Gokal -

Brentford star Neal Maupay has taken a fresh dig at Tottenham players.

The Frenchman was involved in an incident during their 3-2 defeat against Spurs last month.

He gave his side the lead early in the game and proceeded to celebrate by copying James Maddison’s dart celebration.

This did not sit well the England midfielder and his teammates with Maddison almost clashing with him in response.

And thereafter, every Spurs goal was followed by the Tottenham players doing the darts celebration in front of Maupay.

And the tension continued after the game as Maddison speaking to TNT sports in his post-match interview took a dig at Maupay, saying:

“He’s not scored enough goals of his own to have his own celebration so he’s copied mine”

Maupay has now spoken up about the incident, stating that it was too easy to wind the Tottenham players up.

Speaking to Sport Bible, he said:

“Believe it or not, that wasn’t planned. So I scored and as I was running towards the corner flag I just thought, ‘you know what, I’m going to throw a dart.”

When asked if it was because of Maddison, he said:

“Yeah. That’s how he celebrates his goal, right? But then apparently you’re not allowed to throw a dart. It’s only him now that can do it because of the way he got offended. So it was quite funny.”

“But at their place, in front of their fans, it got all their players raging…”

“Maddison posted me on his Instagram after and all them players on the pitch every time they scored they were running right at me. Just by throwing the dart, I got 11 players on toast. So it was just so easy.”

Maupay is know for winding his opponents up, but despite his antics against Spurs, he ended up on the losing side.

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