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‘Needs to grow up, stop being a big baby’ Former Liverpool ace give Spurs man a dose of tough love

By Mehdi Gokal -

Former Liverpool player turned pundit Stan Collymore has weighed in on Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou’s approach to harnessing Richarlison’s potential.

Collymore suggests that Postecoglou needs to provide the Brazilian striker with the right psychological support to unlock his best performances.

Speaking to CaughtOffside, Collymore emphasised that despite Richarlison’s penchant for speaking out against critics, it’s time for action to back up his words.

The pundit stated that Richarlison must display more effort and commitment to truly excel in his role.

As a senior Brazil international and a marquee signing from Everton, Richarlison should embrace the responsibility of leading Tottenham’s attacking line.

Collymore urged Richarlison to mature and embrace the significant challenge that lies ahead.

He said:

“He certainly talks a good game and doesn’t shy away from having a pop at any fans or pundits who criticise him, either on social media or on television.” 

“But now is not the time for talk, he needs to let his football do the talking because up until this point, he hasn’t put in anywhere near enough effort or shown anywhere near enough desire to really master his craft. 

He’s a senior Brazil international and came from Everton with all the hype behind him so he should be standing there and shouting from the rooftops about how he’s ready to lead Spurs’ line and to be Ange Postecoglou’s main man.

“If I was his manager, I would put my arm around him and tell him how good he is, I would say everything he wants to hear and then watch to see what he does to discover whether or not he can score those 20 goals a season. 

Richarlison needs to grow up, stop being a big baby and really embrace the challenge that awaits him because my word, it’s a big one!”

Richarlison joined Spurs from Everton in a record £60m deal.

But the Brazilian has struggled to live up to his price tag, having scored only one goal in the Premier League and three in 35 appearances in all competitions.

He was not at his best against Brentford either with Gold reporting that he had left the manager frustrated at one point in the game.

Tottenham fans will hope that he can rediscover his form this season under the new manager.

With Kane now gone, the Brazilian striker needs to step up. Period!


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